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Published on August 19, 2016 (Updated on November 02, 2016)

ZigZag PE [64x64]


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The villager look so cute ? but why did you remove the download ? (i'm late, also sorry for my bad english)
Have you tried lowering the resolution to x64 in Minecraft? I had experienced this with my nephew, and it would crash every time it was activated. So we lowered the resolution to x64 on his iPad, and it seemed to work.
I recently paid for this texture pack on my iPad and it was working fine but now if it add it to any of my worlds and open the world it doesn’t load and crashes my game. Anyone else experiencing this?
It’s because that they added it to the Marketplace, so now we would have to buy it to get it, I experienced this before.
So I got this pack and it’s my favorite but every time I try to add it it crashes and I’m really sad PLEASE FIX
This is a beautiful texture pack, and lots of people want to play it! If it dosen’t download as a mcpack then download a file manager app, and change the .zip to .mcpack and it should work! If your using an iOS and have the files app (a default app by apple) then it won’t work if you rename it. Most apps can be downloaded for android but not all of them! I hoped this helped! -Kupa The Sheep
zigzag resource pack is not free in the marketplace it 990 minecoins get the download back!
Will it work on v. 1.5.3
I can't find this texture pack in the Marketplace. What should I do?
In the pocket edition of the Minecraft game, you will now get a new and latest texture pack and that is ZigZag. I have seen about this cartoon texture pack from Apple iPhone Support in detail. This is one of the best cartoon texture pack which is designed to provide the refreshment to the Minecraft players. It is really good and refreshing.
I’m crying because the download is removed ????
This is awesome like PureBDcraft 2.0 but better
I hate minecraft marketplace!!! Give me the download link!!!
yeah its needed payment for 990 minecoins!
My friend is looking for a website that helps her,not gives her the download link!
BRING ZIGZAG BACK!!!!!! I WANT IT!!!!! plz and thank u, u made a terrible decision to get rid of it. It can still be in the Minecraft marketplace but still!!!
hey can you update this...