Published on December 05, 2021 (Updated on July 03, 2022)

Zombie Apocalypse v1.2 (Map)

APOCALYPSE is a Minecraft Bedrock Map where you can slay massive hordes of zombies! Play in 13 different gamemodes with up to 40 players! This map features custom UI, 3D weapons, CHAINSAW animations, along with custom music and more!

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v1.2 Changes

Fixes & Quality of Life Improvements

  • Fixed behaviour pack
  • Now only works on 1.19+ 
  • Now you can run & gun for all weapons!
  • Slight changes to P250 shooting animation
  • Added a Lectern with a short tutorial on how to start a game in the Lobby


  • Increased P250 damage from 5 to 7 
  • FP6 balances
    • FP6 now does more damage at closer range but less damage at far range
    • Decreased FP6 damage per bullet (from 40/38 to 11/10)
    • Decreased FP6 range
  • Increased XP drops of all zombies, so its abit easier to get stuff initially
  • Nerfed all zombie damages
    • Recommended difficulty: normal
    • You should try hard difficulty only when u have enchanted gear


Supported Minecraft versions

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Pinned comment
I really like to shoot a lot of zombies
Don’t know if this is quite compatible with Xbox, Unable to shoot and exploring Menus can be a pain, such a shame it looks so good, hopefully you will be able to fix this soon
good map but WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT LEAVE THE GAME WHILE IN A MATCH, the map will never let you join another game and you will be permanently locked in the lobby forever and the fix will do nothing.
New guns?
This comment has been removed
how do you choose the game mode?
Handika Putra Purnama March 12, 2022 at 7:06 pm
can it be used on the server?
your map has a defect in the seat and else please fix your map is very good and addon
very lag
Also it's fun to play minecraft while killing zombie with epic guns
Nice map bro keep it up
Hey, bro how can I set those files on my server directly its not working
Server type:- Realms
Server members:- 5/10
Game version:- 1.18.2
Bro, this map cant uploaded on realms. Please fix it
Bro this map cant uploaded on realms, please fix it
Gotta say this mod is amazing! The map that comes with it is really fun too! Just a couple of things in case you ever update it:
1. Will you add more game modes? (Such as payload, my friends really thought it would be a cool game mode)
2. Will you add more maps to it? It does tend to get boring with 3 maps after a while
3. How come we can't access Creative? I tried to find multiple ways but none of them worked, it would be nice for people to create their own game modes or maps. (I can understand people can then steal the map by replacing credits with there own but then you can add hidden credits incase it does get stolen)
Besides that keep up the great work! Have a good day!