Published on May 14, 2021

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Outpost Map [LAVA DOOR!]

RUN!! A zombie apocalypse has started, many areas are being invaded and taken over of by the waves of infected. Explore this map I made of a rundown zombie apocalyptic outpost, the zombies have invaded it, breaching the lower basement and have massacred all the soldiers, scientist and refugees. Explore this outpost for yourself! It includes a LAVA DOOR, BUNK BED ROOMS, BASEMENT, TUNNEL SYSTEMS, 4 WATCH TOWERS , good luck and don't get eaten!

This is the front of the outpost, equipped with 2 watch towers and a lava door!

This is the lava door which can be opened by flipping the lever, remember to flip it twice to prevent jamming issues!

This is the inside of the outpost, which has a 'secured' entrance which was breached and exploded.

This is the basement of the area which can be easily accessed with a water drop.

Heres a better look of the ruins from the 2nd floor.

This is a barrier in the basement which was breached by the zombies using the tunnels which were meant for transporting goods as well as travelling to other areas.

 The 2nd barrier which used to be a escape route.

This is the top floor out of the 3, this is where the towers are stationed at with bridges to go across to their fellow neighbours.



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gulag_expresser_kevin June 23, 2021 at 12:28 pm
please update the map for the 1.17 version
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What is your current MCPE version?
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