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Published on November 11, 2016 (Updated on November 11, 2016)

Zombie Mode Add-on

How to use zombie mod and how to install? Please help
I have a zombie skin I jest edet the Steve skin
Guest-1023332511 May 03, 2020 at 1:45 pm
maybe you could change the normal player damage sound to sounds when a zombie takes damage
hey maybe when you eat rotten flesh you should get golden apple powers and maybe if you make drownd mode then make us if we stay in the water for too long before we drown we will turn to a drownd and we have a chance to get a fishing rod trident shell or nothing same with the zombie we have chance to get an armor or weapon or both maybe also husk mode
Nice, but villagers doesn't be a zombie villager. Others are super good.
Please make a illager mode addon
chỉ dùng tôi cách tải đi
It's don't work sun not fire me
Подскажите что делать. Я не горю н солнце.
Still don't burn in the daylight, but still functional more or less. For those with problems of villagers not turning to zombies make sure you are in survival mode and this is very important... Make sure the difficulty is set to Hard and then the villagers will turn. As others have said the zombie villagers won't normally attack you, but if you do accidentally hit them as they turn or right after they will turn hostile. This Add-on is fun to play around with with cheats on so you can switch between game modes and make zombie story based MC videos, but its more of a gag thing more than anything. Very exciting concept but perhaps due to limitations in game code it's not living up to it's full potential.
May I ask but can you modify in such a way that you are vunerable to the sunlight but yet the hostile mobs can still look at you as a threat. ( could you also make it if you wear a helmet, you wont take any damage but the helmet gets damaged slowly by each day? )
Aaaahhhhh 8 still Don t burn under the sunnnn ;-; pls fix it
When I killed a villager it never turned into a zombie villager and I hit a zombie then it started chasing me and I never burn in daylight this is broken pls fix it