Zombie Seige

Survive the endless wave of zomies in this co-op PvE game! You can play singleplayer or multiplayer and the aim of the game is to survive as long as you can. More zombies come whether you've killed the current ones or not, so you gotta go fast!


Can you and your friends survive the endless wave of zombies? Team up in this fast-paced PvE minigame and survive for as long as you can, using only the weapons you are given. The more players you have, the easier it will be, but you should try not to go above 3 players, or it will be too easy!

How to play

Get your friend(s) and jump in! You should grab some gear before starting. If you die and other players are still alive, you can either end the game for everyone or spectate the remaining players. If you are playing in singleplayer you should end the game - you will only be spectating the zombies roaming the arena! Warning: If all players have died click end game for all ASAP, because the zombies won't stop spawning while the game is running and too many could overload the server and result in serious frame drops or the game crashing.


  • Stay in Gamemode 2 (Adventure) and never change any world settings - they are configured like this for a reason!
  • Don't cheat or use commands - it spoils the fun of the game!
  • Only use the resource packs provided and never use behaviour packs!
  • Keep the amount of players 3 or below or the game becomes too easy.


  • Built and programmed by The Sonic Master, gaming division of SupDroid Studio.
  • Tested by Death Foxy and white_tiger52.
  • Stock Resource Pack created by The Sonic Master.
  • Texture Update Pack is a free pack available on the marketplace.


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Install Note

If you are asked to download files when you play the map, download them. They are the resource packs required for the game to function properly. They take under 2MB of space so they are not very big.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Great map! I'll be sure to download; I was looking for some tips on making my own. But isn't it "Siege" rather than "Seige"? Also, to stop the zombies spawning on player deaths, you could set the world spawn to a pressure plate that disables zombie spawning and kills all zombies? I don't know.