Published on February 22, 2020 (Updated on February 29, 2020)

Zombie Village, Desert, Extreme Hills & More (Seed)

Hi, it’s me Griefer Cube again! This time I have a seed with a zombie village, taiga, plains, forest, and much more in a close distance! The village is quite big (including the mountain part) and the loot in it is different. Just type in this seed and start your game for iron weapons or armour!

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Found a new beehive at x-700, z-570( may be a little non accurate)

Seed ID


I switched me to a diffreint post so pls leave me alone
My Australian freind said this was normal.
I’m telling you that go to x-700 and you will find bees

(Griefer Cube)
How. Hottest Biome and Coldest Biome RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!
That is just Minecraft's random seed generation. Hot and cold don't exist.