Published on January 18, 2019 (Updated on October 21, 2019)

ZooCraft Addon

If vanilla Minecraft is getting a little boring with the same old mobs being in the game, this addon is perfect. From bears to elephants to welters, this addon has many different types of animals or monsters that will spawn in your Minecraft worlds! This is great for expanding your survival worlds or if you want to build a zoo.

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  • Added all new mobs from v2 of Expansion+
  • Updated all mob models/textures since previous version
  • Fixed various bugs

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Please add sharks and orca also whales and sword fish and starfish and clam
Hi JEBR_Gaming! I am Working on a Minecraft Bedrock Mod Pack And Were Wondering if you would allow me to use this addon for it. I would Give Credit to you in a custom UI Element.
Thanks! Hatchibombotar
How do u tame the dogs/can u tame them?
Hi so this is probably weird but i was wondering if anyone would be willing to teach me how to make addons for mcphee it doesn’t matter how long it takes i just can’t find anything on yt or anything :/ if u know how or even just have an app to recommend i would appreciate it :)
some mcpe addon makers use Blockbench (website) to make an custom model for addon (ex: Custom 3D furnitures, animals, Npc, etc.). Try to search in yt, "How to make mcpe addons using Blockbench". And for cusgom blocks tho, use AddOn maker for mcpe (with an icon of a pencil and a tool with a grass behind it), You can find it on playstore or app store. Hope it helps. :))
Guest-5138500577 May 10, 2020 at 3:04 am
Love your addon
It won’t let me download the map I want
How do you download it?
i don't have the foggiest idea.
how do i log in? im on pc
How do you even download this
Bro to download this mod go to AppStore or playstore and search Minecraft addon download it and search zoo craft you will get the mod????
This did not help me please simplify this please
No ones talking about this but it said it was released the 18 January 2019 but when I’m doing this comment it’s the 8 2019 so this was made by a time traveler or what
Guest-6280662687 May 01, 2020 at 2:34 pm
You made this comment in 2020.
Could you also add orangutans?
Do you from Indonesia?If yes me too
I love this addon. Can you add zebras,cheetas, and kangaroos in the next update?
If You can ride the elephant this mod Will be perfect
The mobs from expansion are NOT all hear. All the sea animals and fun stuff are all gone