Basic Papercraft Adventure Skin Pack

Played Papercraft Adventure? Want to look thin like that? With this skinpack you’re paper thin, stuck to some cardboard boxes. Gotta make sure you’re balanced for pvp in servers after all. This selection of skins helps you look the part in cool maps like Papercraft Adventure from the Minecraft Store. Including Paper Steve, Paper Alex and more you’ll fit right in.

Creator: jigarbovTwitter AccountWebsite

What’s Papercraft Adventures?

Well, here’s a trailer. You can get the map on the Minecraft Marketplace:


  1. Import Skin Pack .McPack
  2. Click the Skin Selector
  3. Select one of the skins!

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17 Responses

4.9 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Gustavo says:


  2. Jake says:

    Cool! But sadly i stopped playing minecraft until they fix the massive lag once they do im gonna download this Great Job!

  3. Ruinbow17 says:

    So cool skin pack! Its really same as like from the store Thanks!

  4. ZetMaN says:

    WoW Fantastic ,Very Nice,Beautifu,l 10 Stars GG

  5. MrAgentBlaze says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    When 4d skins come back out can u make it so its thin

  7. SmugLeaf says:

    Paper Mario but in Minecraft?

  8. Ngfib says:

    Please give me a link of the world

  9. Zackmcgamer says:

    Nice so cool

  10. NAME says:

    Hi, can you PLEASE, JUST PLEASE, PLEASE! Add a texture pack for this!

  11. NAME says:

    No, No, NOO

  12. NAME2 says:


  13. Cib says:

    Another fine creation by Jigarbov.

  14. Kitt_N_Kaboodle says:

    I think that it’s amazing, but we really need to have the texture pack other than htat is awesome

  15. Kcat36 says:

    Is it ok if I went into files and added my skin as one, Im a Minecraft youtuber. Im bad thogh XD

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