Organized Settings Addon

This addon lets you access a few really useful settings through a new menu in the in-game user interface. Most of these options are otherwise only limited to the Video Settings screen and normally you would need to scroll a lot to get to them. It’s very useful if you need more quick and easy way to access them.

Creator: NetherNinjaTwitter AccountYouTube
Updated: 11 September, 2018 (read changelog)

How does it work?

Here is a list of settings you’re able to quickly access from the Quick Access settings screen. If you have suggestions for more features be sure to let NetherNinja know about it on Twitter.

  • Field of View
  • Camera Perspective
  • Hide Hand
  • View Bobbing
  • In-game Player Names
  • Splitscreen in-game names
  • Hide paper doll
  • Inventory tweak
  • NEW toggle icons
  • MORE divided settings
  • Cleaned advanced video
  • Screen animations button (new)
  • Changed inventory (added difference photos in-game ) (new)
  • Added language support (WIP + new)
  • Hide HUD and hide hide are easier like third person (new)
  • Hide Debug Option  (UPDATE: Hides debug text or enables it.)
  • Fancy bubbles toggle
  • “Exit” and “Quick Play” to the start screen! (Oddly, “quick play” creates a new creative world after the 1.6 update…)
  • Auto completion for chat with commands (Up and dowm)
  • Previous chat buttons (to look back at your previous command/chat)
  • New safe screen sliders (Expand:Vertical, Expand: Horizontal, Offset: left/right, and Offset: Up/Down)

Note from the creator: There is going to be another update for this addon that will change its file format, so keep an eye out for it.


  • Combined graphics, player, and video sections to organized.json
  • Added “Exit” and “Quick Play” to the start screen! (Oddly, “quick play” creates a new creative world after the 1.6 update…)
  • Added Auto completion for chat with commands (Up and dowm)
  • Added Previous chat buttons (to look back at your previous command/chat)
  • Added the new safe screen sliders (Expand:Vertical, Expand: Horizontal, Offset: left/right, and Offset: Up/Down)


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.

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71 Responses

4.38 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. KingJeff314 says:

    Add hide HUD in addition to hide HUD.

  2. xHaeilleh says:

    It could be better. I wish there was a “F-5” mode while playing you could switch

  3. Bryan says:

    How about Camera Perspective at outside ? i want this on pause button left

  4. TutoCraft says:


  5. ChickenBratYT says:

    Your lucky to have your addons/textures uploaded here! But honestly yours are better than mine, let’s be real!

  6. Random guy says:

    Please add a render distance button

  7. Abudi says:

    I got all the setup I need but all I need to learn is to code 🙁 I’m making an resource pack for my self because it’s a bit ugly and I only changed the items

  8. xSK8Z00x says:

    lol, you changed the splash texts. XD Could u make a resource pack that makes the FOV and perspective settings appear on screen in-game? That would help a lot!

  9. Random guy says:

    Its pretty good, but the only thing is that you need to get into the code to remove the “netherninja” splash texts.

  10. Vladu11 says:

    You should add “Hide HUD” (Hide hand is kinda useledd without Hide HUD) Other then that, very usefull & well made add-on, Congrats NetherNinja!

  11. TheGoodDude says:

    I would take away “FOV can be altered by gameplay” and make it “Hide HUD”

  12. JohnCraft says:


  13. StereoTitan says:

    I love the addon, you hardworked it, everyone thinks its not enough, but its enough to me, 🙂

  14. billybobthorninmyass says:

    add a screen capture button and a delete world button next to worlds.
    also if possible give an option to leave a world without saving

  15. tenderblocks says:

    It’s a great pack but there’s an error that the child controls need to have unique names and this will be an error and the file won’t load in the future. Please fix.

  16. Florian Meixner says:

    Nice Addon

  17. HDJSJ says:

    I want to make a ui pack but I don’t want to code one help!

    • Lord_Drakostar says:

      😐 wait to 2020 we probably will have ai and we can ask them to do it. Then all our businesses will go out and we’ll all starve. :3

  18. Dawego says:

    Why you forgot the texture pack menu (it didn’t show when I played). I’m stuck with this glitchy pack. Now I have to uninstall minecraft and my worlds because I’m ios. Please fix this

  19. How did you... says:

    It’s amazing but can you make a addon which the camera perspective is in the pause menu?

  20. Aceminer46 says:

    For some reason this resource, after I applied it, caused all of my Buttons concerning resources or behaviors to disappear. My storage and global resource buttons are nowhere to be found. Please fix this.

  21. NetherNinja says:

    NOTE: If the addon doesn’t pop up from installing it, restart your game!

  22. Lord_Drakostar says:

    Can you add it so that we csn customname ourselves on xbox accounts.

  23. Manuel says:

    Hello again if he can be a good weekend

  24. Anonymous says:

    Best addon so far there’s a reason why there’s the max framerate slider added now my minecraft will not lag as much than before anyways this works I’m on iOS and nothing glitchy or whatever has happened everything is still good

  25. Lord_Drakostar says:

    —!List of Things I Think You Should Add!
    Info Under Items Including:
    Burn Time
    Meme or Funny Comment (On Occasions)
    Hardcore and Spectators Modes Quick Available (For Aesthetics)
    The ? Leading to Info About all the Items About Minecraft Even Further, Divided by Categories Such as Bricks

    That’s it for now, I will update this list! 😀

  26. Lord_Drakostar says:

    Uk what? Im gettin it. Wish meh loock!

  27. Frem says:

    You need to update the add on pack, cuz’ the new update has a slight graphics change like fancy bubbles

  28. Anonymous says:

    What is the inventory tweak? I don’t see it.

  29. BITE says:

    Cool, And I was asking how can I split screen in MCW10E?

  30. RandomityGuy says:

    Hey, you took some files from my autocompletion addon and changed the transform settings around. At least you should have asked for my permission before you could use it in your Addon.

  31. TheBeastly says:

    This changed my life good job!

  32. Invisibleender2 says:

    Absolutely love the addon, its perfect!

  33. Millesnafidz says:

    Can You Make It So That Quick Play Loads Up The World Thats On The Very Top Of Your Worlds List In The Play Menu Or Make It So It Load Up The Create World Menu First Than Just Staight Up Into A Wolrd

  34. Kevengpsx25 says:

    The exit button is not being translated.

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