Published on July 14, 2020 (Updated on July 14, 2020)

1 x 1 Resolution MCPE Pack (FPS BOOST)

 1 x 1 Resolution packs help on boosting your FPS by alot ! So I decided to make my own 1x1 pack that is useable in mcpe because most mcpe / mcbe players have really low end devices and are lagging so bad , with this pack , say bye bye to lag spikes !

1 x 1 MCPE/MCBE  Pack :



-Weapons and tools


-Crafting Table , Anvils , Furnaces , etc

- Armor

- This pack can be used with my FPS+ Client ( MaxFPS Mode Recommended ) for the best experience !

- This pack is recommended for pvp for you will not experience that much lag !.


( Follow all the instructions being said by linkvertise and it will redirect you to mediafire )

1 Download the File

2 Go to Downloads

3 Tap on the file and it will automatically install it to Minecraft

( I did not include "enable notifications " and more )


Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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When I enter the world and put the resource pack On the world I can't see anything and everything is hidden Please solve the problem
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Really a baaaad resorce pack i watched an add three times to get this really it suckssss:(
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Its beautiful
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What about the warped planks in the thumbnail lol...
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This isn’t 1x1 at all. Reducing the amount of colors does nothing for lag because it is still 16x16 mainly.
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you can edit the pack to make it 1 x 1 use an app like paint 3d.
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Ive also made a totally 1x1 pack , even mobs are included , i might also upload it
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THE LINK SUCKS.. it doesn't even work properly... Disappointed.. i have to download an app and run it for 30 seconds just to DOWNLOAD THE PACK... I'll rather make my own pack
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u don’t need to download an app to get the pack
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Its random , some users will only hace to watch a video or wait for 10 seconds
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