Published on August 31, 2021

105 Structure's

105 Structures is a fantastic addon that allows you to spawn in a plethora of one hundred and five different structures, using structure blocks. it has everything from parks and stores to majestic sky scrapers. all structures in this addon will spawn almost instantly once with a touch of a button. this addon is compatible with minecraft version 1.17.11!



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this is one of my older addons, there's a better one i made called "Elite Structures" which adds 400+ more structures then this one
Does the other one have these same structures?
I can’t get this to work
this is one of my older addons, there's a better one i made called "Elite Structures" which adds 400+ more structures then this one
So, when I used the Add-on half of the builds had no interior but some did or the outside such as the church and store1 had walls missing from them. I tested this with store1 and that's how it spawned with part of the wall missing. I also checked the world and that's how I found out that some builds have interior and some don't. Maybe make all the builds have interior and not have them have walls missing from them when and if you update this. But overall its a good Add-on just needs a few fixes here and there.
Hello, Thank you for pointing out the glitched structures, ill be sure to fix them in the upcoming update. as for interiors, i'm not certain if ill go back and do interiors for all the older structures, but i can assure you that most, if not all the new structures coming with the new update will include interiors.
How to spawn this structure on another world
I has this world and also I had this addon but I don't kNow how to spawn on our world not at that world
Can anybody tell me
its very simple

spawn in a structure block with the command /give =your username= structure_block 1

type in one of the IDs shown above in the creators message that he put there for this specific reason

once you type in the ID of the build you want then click outside the text box and you should see the view get bigger then click load and the structure will spawn in

not that some structures don't have interior or are half finished with walls missing from them such as Church1 or Store1 just fyi
Ive uploaded a quick video on how to get the addon setup on my discord, if you still have any trouble getting it to work let me know.
I love the addon it helps some much i wish there was more lol and i wish i could find more addons like this
Glad you liked it! I'm going to be releasing a new update that adds even more structures soon.
Sweet hopefully the update is soon i used all but a few the only compliment i have is some spawn in the ground but thats a small detail
Cool! Im going to use this structure for my city map.
Too lazy to build one :
Working in Minecraft BE 1.17.0 .___.

An excelent work :3
Glad to hear it works on 1.17!, thank you for your feedback :)
Here's the ids for all the structures