Foods Plus 2

Agriculture and food in general is an important aspect of Minecraft that can be expanded on. This addon helps improve and expand it by adding in over 40+ brand new crops, 100+ new foods, new mobs, and so much more! Food's plus 2 is a complete overhaul of the original food's plus addon, Additionally, This addon is also translated into multiple languages, and it has compatibility with most other addons.

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Foods Plus 1.7.0 Changelog

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New foods:

-Added oat cakes

-Added Pancakes

-Added Cooked turkey

-Added cooked duck

-added raw turkey

-added raw duck

-Added olives

-Added Asparagus


New crops:

-Added Olive trees

-Added Asparagus


New blocks:

-Added olive planks

-Added olive leaves

-Added olive log

-Added cherry slabs

-Added olive slabs

-Added maple slabs

-Added palm slabs

-Added lemon slabs

-Added cinnamon slabs


New mobs:



-Added Tractors

-Added Grain harvester

-Added Combine Harvester ( 8 diffrent colors )


New items:

-Added duckfeed

-Added olive tree sapling

-Added asparagus seeds

-Added Tractor box

-Added Grain harvester box

-Added Modern combine harvester box



Bug fixes:

-Fixed a bug with maple tree saplings, spawning mango trees

-Fixed an issue with cake recipes

-Fixed an issue with toaster pastry recipes

-Butterflys now spawn in their correct biomes

-Fixed text for lemon leaves

-Fixed an issue relating to missing ui pocket


Other changes:

-Improved rice crop texture

-Rice crop gemotry is now tall instead of small

-Modifed spawn groupings for butterflys

-Changed version ids in pack name to v1.6.0

-Replaced lemon plank texture

-Replace cinnamon plank texture

-Replaced maple plank texture

-Replaced palm plank texture

-Replaced cherry plank texture

-Replaced french naploean texture

-Replaced cherry log texture

-Improved orange leaves texture

-Changed maple leaves texture

-Changed peach leaves texture

-Changed cinnamon leaves texture

-changed cinnamon lopg texture

-changed orange log texture

-Vanilia foods can now be cooked in the oven

-Replaced genric addon mob eggs with pictures of the mob

-Certain mobs can now damage your crops

-Some foods, such as raw meat can now give you effects

-The wandering farmer now has 10 trades instead of 5 at a time

-Added info about which blocks certain crops can be planted on to the seeds name

-Added sound for ALL Plank types

-Added sound for All log types

-Added sound for All Leaves types

-Added Turkish language support

-Added some info about the mod to our website


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NormalMinecraftPlayer July 17, 2024 at 1:27 pm
Only the tractors, butterflies, turkeys, ducks, apple pie, fish kebob, texture on the cherry sapling, and others appeared but not all of them
crops dont grow man
how come the crops don't grow?
Does this work with 1.20.30?
pls fix a turkey animal
Can I update it to 1.20.10? It's really amazing!
Addon is blocking access to crafting table in survival on my map
great addon! when will the next update be?
Please update to 1.20 as soon as possible.Because it's so excellent,And my server is using it.I would appreciate it if you updated it!
O fazendeiro realiza coletas dessas sementes ? Caso não faça isso, poderia colocar villager parra coletar essas sementes, ajudaria na automatização da colheita.
Is it still discontinued?
Cant cook Duck for some reason
Mình muốn có hỗ trợ tiếng Việt
Este mod me gusta mucho, pero con la actualización al unirlo con otros mods no deja abrir correctamente la mesa de crafteo, revise todos y este es el que me provocaba el fallo incluso si está solo :(
Can you update this mod for 1.19.70?