Foods Plus 2

The much anticipated sequel to our biggest addon yet, foods plus. is here! Food's plus 2 is a complete overhaul of the original, featuring tons of new foods, mobs, crops, blocks and more. Additionally, This addon is also compatible with most other addons and its survival friendly as well.

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**Foods plus v1.4.0**


New blocks




-barley fermenter



New crops


-Banana pepper


-Ghost pepper


New foods



-Banana pepper

-Ghost pepper

-Marshmellow toaster treat

-Cherry toaster treat

-Maple toaster treat

-Cinnamon toaster treat

-Strawberry toaster treat

-Root beer


-Oat cereal

-Marshmellow cereal

-Grape juice

-Pineapple juice

-Soul fruit juice



-Fermented barley

-Blue berry toaster treat

-Cooking oil


New items

-Jalapeno seeds

-Habanero seeds

-Ghost pepper seeds

-banana pepper seeds


other changes

-Changed id to v1.4.0

-Added new crops to wandering farmer

-Changed wandering farmer's pet from horse to mule

-Foods can now be cooked in the oven


Supported Minecraft versions

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Nice add-on! It will be better if I can place the food on the tables.
Is this mod compatible with other mods (structures, addons, etc.) by any chances?
Hola! En esta actualización la que es como estufa está como un bloque
It‘s a beautiful add-on, but why I can't find any FF2's trees or mobs in my new world. Both holiday creator features and creation of custom biomes had enabled.
is it compatible with the previous version?
Some of the blocks and items show as update blocks with the dirt texture and green text
you have to enabled holiday creator features for it to work
Hello, I'm FluffyPlanet982, I want to reprint your "Foods Plus 2" to the Minecraft Chinese Forum. I will clearly mark the author. I hope that this Add-on will make more Chinese players happy!
This comment has been removed
Thank you for making the link media fire
yoo this is sick