Foods Plus 2

Agriculture and food in general is an important aspect of Minecraft that can be expanded on. This addon helps improve and expand it by adding in over 40+ brand new crops, 100+ new foods, new mobs, and so much more! Food's plus 2 is a complete overhaul of the original food's plus addon, Additionally, This addon is also translated into multiple languages, and it has compatibility with most other addons.

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Foods Plus 1.7.0 Changelog

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New foods:

-Added oat cakes

-Added Pancakes

-Added Cooked turkey

-Added cooked duck

-added raw turkey

-added raw duck

-Added olives

-Added Asparagus


New crops:

-Added Olive trees

-Added Asparagus


New blocks:

-Added olive planks

-Added olive leaves

-Added olive log

-Added cherry slabs

-Added olive slabs

-Added maple slabs

-Added palm slabs

-Added lemon slabs

-Added cinnamon slabs


New mobs:



-Added Tractors

-Added Grain harvester

-Added Combine Harvester ( 8 diffrent colors )


New items:

-Added duckfeed

-Added olive tree sapling

-Added asparagus seeds

-Added Tractor box

-Added Grain harvester box

-Added Modern combine harvester box



Bug fixes:

-Fixed a bug with maple tree saplings, spawning mango trees

-Fixed an issue with cake recipes

-Fixed an issue with toaster pastry recipes

-Butterflys now spawn in their correct biomes

-Fixed text for lemon leaves

-Fixed an issue relating to missing ui pocket


Other changes:

-Improved rice crop texture

-Rice crop gemotry is now tall instead of small

-Modifed spawn groupings for butterflys

-Changed version ids in pack name to v1.6.0

-Replaced lemon plank texture

-Replace cinnamon plank texture

-Replaced maple plank texture

-Replaced palm plank texture

-Replaced cherry plank texture

-Replaced french naploean texture

-Replaced cherry log texture

-Improved orange leaves texture

-Changed maple leaves texture

-Changed peach leaves texture

-Changed cinnamon leaves texture

-changed cinnamon lopg texture

-changed orange log texture

-Vanilia foods can now be cooked in the oven

-Replaced genric addon mob eggs with pictures of the mob

-Certain mobs can now damage your crops

-Some foods, such as raw meat can now give you effects

-The wandering farmer now has 10 trades instead of 5 at a time

-Added info about which blocks certain crops can be planted on to the seeds name

-Added sound for ALL Plank types

-Added sound for All log types

-Added sound for All Leaves types

-Added Turkish language support

-Added some info about the mod to our website


Supported Minecraft versions

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Im diet on real life but gonna do a cheat day on Minecraft🤣
Do the trees spawn naturally or to you have to get the saplings somewhere
Is there away that you can make a page that shows the recipes on how to make some of the items? I download your addon but when I join my world I don't understand what I'm doing or how work it. Also some of the items in the creative inventory don't show up or they're gray squares is there a way I can fix this ?
Hello, the creator ! Why don't the wandering villagers in the module you created sell corn?
Hi! There seems to be an error with the recourse pack when I use it. Inventory Scrolling in both creative and survival will not work. any ideas how to fix it or is there a new update that will fix this?
will be fixing this bug in the next update
Does this addon support 1.19.51?
The addon supports all 1.19 versions
can I use this for a scenario I'm working on?
Hello!, May I ask a question, Do these compat with Edu Ver.?
hello, unfortunately, at the moment, education edition doesn't support any experimental toggles, so any addons that reliy on them wont work for that version.
Hi, why do all the custom blocks except the compressors have crafting table gui?
hi! hope your day is going well :), at the moment, only the stove, blender, presser, mill and brewer have custom ui's. the compressors are only used to make their respective items, so a ui wasn't necessary for them.
Thanks for the reply, but the custom blocks show a crafting table UI instead of the custom UI in the pictures about the mod
hm, thats odd, they still show up for me but im on pc.
Hi, trees are supposed to grow their respective fruit continuously or it's needed to do something else?
Great addon
hello! glad you liked the addon. yes, trees grow their respective fruits continuously. though, this may change in the future.
Where does the marshmallows grow, like what kind of block do they have to be on to grow and the same about soul fruit?
marsh grows on mud blocks, and soul fruit grows on top of soul tree leaves
Does the mod fully work in realms?
Yes, this addon works on both worlds, servers and realms. the addon is also, compatible with most other mods. just be sure to enable the experimental toggles
If I create a realm, can I add or remove mods after having it?
yes, most addons can, but some addons that use scripts and gametest functions cant be removed
How do you get the seeds in survival?
hello, seeds can be gained by trading with the wandering farmer, we're also looking into making crops spawn naturally around the world to.
Not sure if this affects the gameplay but there's a lot of invisible items called "crops" or something like that, the pack gives 2 errors, is this normal?
hello, unfortunately, at the moment, this is a bug with minecraft, those are the placeholder blocks for crops, which were hidden from the creative menu. but the recent minecraft update broke the component for it and made all the hidden blocks show up in the creative menu. we're currently looking for a work around for it.
ty for the info I was just about to comment asking the same thing. much appreciated :D