Published on November 09, 2020 (Updated on November 09, 2020)

15 Entrances in Minecraft

In this map, there are 15 Entrances from easy to super complicated redstone Creations. Theres a video about this on YouTube Called "15 Entrances in 60 Seconds in Minecraft". Be sure to watch it and enjoy!

As you Can see Here The First Creations are pretty Simple. This Entrances are very easy to build. You have there an iron door with a pressure plate, A Secret Entrance through a painting, and a simple piston door.

And It only gets better from the middle section. This Creations are a 4x4 Vault Piston Door, A Hidden Fireplace Entrance, A Hidden Staircase Entrance, And a Slime Boost Hidden Entrance. 

And as for the last ones, Some of them are not hard but they're still pretty cool. You have there a 3 Wide Hidden Staircase Entrance, A simple Hipster Door, A lava wall,  a 4x4 Slide Door and the last is a silly creation I'm not gonna spoil it.  So Please Check out the Map Now.


Be Sure to watch The Video Too!  I Hope you will Enjoy this!

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Very nice map; one problem I have is that under the "Supported Minecraft Versions" heading, it says '1.6' instead of '1.16'. I would like to see this fixed. Thank you!
Super fantastic mind-blowing extraordinary epic Awesome