Published on August 06, 2019 (Updated on August 06, 2019)

17 Redstone Techniques

In this map I show you 17 different redstone techniques.

There are some easy and basic redstone circuits featured, which are all perfect for beginners. These circuits should be known by everyone that wants to start making redstone by themselves.

Also I present you some more difficult techniques which are partly based on the simple circuits and so they are for the beginners and the more advanced players as well.

I hope I can give you some redstone tips.

Here’s a list of all of the circuits and techniques:

  • signal converter (long to short and short to permanent)
  • capacitor
  • and-gate
  • x-or-gate
  • coincidence-circuit
  • item-reader/sorter
  • item transver with minecart
  • circa 3-minutes-clock
  • item-counter
  • block-changer
  • chimney
  • fully automatic train station
  • secret door
  • some different redstone doors

If you want to see much more complicate redstone techniques, check out my map "Paradise Island".
(some circuits and techniques from this map you will find there many times)

Link to Paradise Island

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