tag: 1.11

By DaL4y
Published on 23 Jul, 2024
When it comes to the netherrack texture, It has been quite a controversial topic over the passing years, Since the 1.14 update which overhaul the whole game texture changed neth...
By SuperbPug
Published on 23 Jul, 2024
Shaders were worthless after the Render Dragon update, and users with incompatible GPUs were unable to use the Deferred Lighting Rendering Pipeline feature. But! Could I tell yo...
By ItsAlhere
Published on 16 Jul, 2024
Introducing Al's Cottagecore Tools, a delightful Minecraft texture pack that combines the enchanting charm of cottagecore aesthetics with a touch of adventure! Immerse yourself ...
By SanjayGamerz
Published on 23 Jul, 2024
Berserk is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. Set in a medieval Europe-inspired dark fantasy world, the story centers on the characters of Guts, a...
By MonlyMoon
Published on 16 Jul, 2024
AboutEnhance your Minecraft adventures with the Font Variety Pack This mod introduces over 10 customizable fonts, providing a fresh and engaging look to your favorite game's int...
By LazyCoder
Published on 10 Jul, 2024
Modifies the already existing tnt into a more dangerous block. All tnt has triple the power and explodes instantly. Becareful. This addon doesn't require a resource pack, just t...
By RandoePlayer
Published on 2 Jul, 2024
Hey everyone! This is a pvp map with a small village to explore, along with a trivia/puzzle game. It only works in Minecraft education edition, since I made this map with a coup...
By Mhambel
Published on 23 Jul, 2024
Arab Skin Pack made by a Native Arab, im new to having downloadable things, well at least on mcpedl, i have a planet minecraft page where i post these skins, so i dunno what to ...
By MineHeart
Published on 27 Jun, 2024
This is Better Font a texture pack that makes the font much smoother because in my opinion the vanilla font is too harshThis pack uses the Comfortaa font downloaded from Google ...
By Whfww1
Published on 4 Jun, 2024
I decided to combine both the default and classic texture pack into one whole thing. Like a Jappa feeling, but just barely still enough to feel like classic old minecraft.
By ExamineCat
Published on 28 May, 2024
Parkour Islands is one of the biggest parkour maps available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (a.k.a. MCPE) made by ExamineCat (previously known as Examinedcat669). It currently fe...
By Insomnia Group
Published on 27 May, 2024
Amoung the cosmos there are 5 astronaut's exploring the universe and defending it from the outher dimensional forces of evil. Will you be the one to save the universe, and becom...
By Insomnia Group
Published on 27 May, 2024
Create what couldn't be done before!From people trying to make cool unique minigames, or just mess around with some cool mechanics, this is the perfect add-on for you!From fireb...
By strawberryjamsesh
Published on 23 May, 2024
You’ve been here before…Welcome to Dreamcore Explorations! In this surreal world you can explore a variety of liminal spaces inspired by popular dreamcore images. Make your way ...