Published on February 22, 2024 (Updated on March 16, 2024)

Enter: The Backrooms

you’ve been here before…

based on backrooms levels 0 (lobby) and 37 (poolrooms)

one moment you’re in your ordinary living room. the next, you’ve fallen into a strange new world. an endless maze of yellow walls surrounds you. there’s a dull buzzing in the back of your head. you begin to feel hopeless. but in the distance, you hear the sound of running water. a light breeze seems to call to you from endless miles away. can you find your way out? ENTER: THE BACKROOMS

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  • Updated cover image
  • Re-formatted text in description of the world
  • No significant changes made to map



  • backrooms.mcworld (98.78 KB)

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Are there any entities? As in does this map using any mods/addons