Published on February 08, 2020 (Updated on February 08, 2020)

28 Weeks Later Add-on

Did you want a more scary and difficult wild life? let me introduce this addon.

As the days go by, that are difficult and scary, and the zombies can build and break down blocks.

Supported Minecraft versions

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Does experimental options allow zombies to break blocks?
Update pls
Guest-9136134727 May 25, 2020 at 4:45 pm
Finally I can make PROJECT STEVE SITE 87
Can you make the biozombies, zombies, and zombie villagers attack animals too?
I can't use this addon's weapons
I checked items in textures but I can't use it in game.
plz enable use this weapons. Dark bow, Dark arrow, Fire axe, Firebomb, Darkmatter(?)
this is very excited addon! plz add more ;)
Infected tank, infected enderman.
and other weapons too! for example.. molotov, fireaxe
anyways, I expect better updates!
can you please make thos for illagers like the vindicators can either use ladders to climb up to get the enemy or break the blocks to kill the enemy
You should also add a map if possible.
It is just a request and Im sure others would like a map or a behavior pack that generates random towns, cities, survivor camps are villages etc. Etc. I would like you to prioritize on the behavior pack bro. Thanks for this Mod and Add-on
Thanks for the mediafire link
Great addon!!!scary and interesting!!but in updates you should change other mobs like skeleton and creepers in more days
Finaly someone made a addon that has zombie that break blocks, i knew it was possible. This will be usefull for my game.
Hey can you add soldiers and survivors please? It's too hard to against those zombies without any companions!
Then it will be like SpaghettiJet’s ApocalypseZ addon
iron golems
It's movie "28 Weeks Later 2007"