Published on January 06, 2020

Location of Ore Addon

Was it hard to find minerals in the wild?

Can't you see the diamonds and the emeralds?

Do you need an add-on with a mineral location?

This addon is for you.

Enjoy the wild.


Supported Minecraft versions

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mi game keeps crashing but its ok i still support :)
Cool, but I recommend you create a file called "tick.json" inside the "functions" folder and write the following in the "tick" file:
"values": [
This will make it unnecessary to use the command block for the addon to work.
Ur trash
It's really really really cool :) except my game keeps crashing :(
Maybe make it a item plz
Guest-6258783272 May 12, 2020 at 1:49 pm
Just use the commands the pictures had it’s not that hard
Maybe make it a item
hmm, would it be a simple thing to make an offshoot of this for finding spawner blocks? Neat idea regardless
I like it. Its a fun addon. I like how it says „find the ****** under the ** blocks“ instead of just „******: ** Below“.
Es un comando extra añadidobpendejo buen trabajo creador
선생님이 여길 어떻게... 대단쓰
this adoon doesn't make sense,.Since if you are using command and going in the creative ,.Why use this adoon?
Does this work in multiplayer?
No, this addon is garbage. Just make it a resource pack that, for example, edits creative inventory.