Published on November 12, 2021

[2D] SCP Uniforms Addon

This is a SCP Uniform pack which includes 2D SCP Uniforms and other uniforms from the SCP Universe. This pack adds extra uniforms and does not replace the default Minecraft armour. 

This addon has full sets of Uniform for each role. It can be used for any type of SCP Roleplay in conjunction with the vast array of other SCP Addons on MCPEDL.


D-Class Personnel:



MTF Epsilon-11:

Chaos Insurgency:


G.O.C & Serpeant's Hand:

SCPs: (049, 049-2, 106, 087-B, 2006, 457)

Textures By: Co1byJ98#0101
Coding By: Zevych#3152

Supported Minecraft versions

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2.5 / 5 (4 votes)
I cant download it, But this IS nice
mate, keep it up. i recommend u make some machinery addon with no player.jason, just a recommendation, and ignore the toxic peeps.
Bro fr called one guy a clown who's toxic?
always gonna clown on the people who are entitled and expect everything. addon creators dont owe you nothing, you havnt payed for nothing, so dont expect no respect or customer-service
never tried machinary my guy, im a uniform creator. for good machinary addons see if iiemotionless has made any.
Well, when Minecraft tries to install it, it says its not possible. So, only 1 Star!
when you 1 star an addon because you dont know how to download packs 🤡🤡
pretty toxic creator… grow up buddy. People are going to not know things and not like your creations. It's called life. If you don't know that you are simply spoiled.
couldnt care if someone doesnt like it, but when theres an obviously an issue on your end meaning you cant install it its pretty spiteful to 1 star an addon because you dont know how to download packs
what if they do… but it’s broken? You didn’t know how to once. Nobody knows everything. Grow up.
Here is an example of an insecure person!
Zev Studios is correct.
if it was broken then there would be more than 1 complain saying they cant download 🤡