Published on August 15, 2021 (Updated on August 14, 2021)

[3D] Military Beret Addon

This is a Military Beret Uniform pack which contains 10 Berets for different Regiments in the British Armed Forces. They are all 3D Modelled and have different colours to represent their Regiments. This can be used alongside other 3D Uniform Addons that we have created if you wish to use it for Military Minecraft Maps.

This addon was Modelled & Textured by Co1byJ98#0101 And Coded by Zevych#3152

Please suggest any more colours or regiments or berets that you would like to be added in V2

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 - Added more detail to the MCPEDL post
 - Added lots of images of the Berets

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This doesn't work, it says that it is not a valid pack, would you know how to fix this?
Awesome maybe make a us marine uniform next in desert camo would be perfect for my map
The American armed forces are inferior to the English ones so we’re only doing things such as Royal Marines in the future
History deffinetly disagrees with that statement but alright 😂