Published on July 26, 2021 (Updated on August 21, 2021)

[3D] Military Uniforms V4

This is a large 3D Military Uniforms Pack that can be used for Minecraft MilSims / Roleplay maps. We've decided to create this for our own MilSim maps and decided that it should also be made public as well. The uniforms are 3D Modelled and there is nothing alike on MCPEDL. It also has 24 different country flag helmets meaning the MilSim can be for many nations. We may add more helmets in the future if the demand is high enough. 

Some Uniform Pieces can be used for multiple ranks. Such as the combat leggings which are worn for all ranks from Private to Major. Same thing with other, boots, and helmets

Each Rank has a unique chestplate with a unique insignia on the arm band to designate the player's rank

Current Ranks Included:
 1 - Private
 2 - Lance Corporal
 3 - Corporal
 4 - Sergeant
 5 - Staff Sergeant
 6 - Warrant Officer Class II
 7 - Warrant Officer Class I
 8 - Officer Cadet
 9 - 2nd Lieutenant
 10 - Lieutenant
 11 - Captain
 12 - Major
 13 - Lieutenant Colonel
 14 - Colonel
 15 - Major General
 16 - Lieutenant General
 17 - General
 18 - [REMOVED] (Only for Co2byJ98's MilSim)

Note - These ranks are based of the UK's armed forces, but are similar for almost every nation

Enlisted Personnel Uniforms for ranks Private - Warrant Officer Class I:

Helmets: Russia, Spain, USA

Helmets: Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania

Helmets: Estonia, France, India, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Iraq

Helmets: Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, Austria, UK, Belgium, China


Officer Uniforms for ranks Officer Cadet - Major:
Berets are a Separate Addon that we have made on MCPEDL

High Command Uniforms for ranks Lieutenant Colonel - General:

All pictures taken by Co2byJ98 and members of the Roberston Barracks MilSim Group

Models By: Co2byJ98 & Zevych
Textures By: Co2byJ98
Coding By: Zevych

Select version for changelog:


Added HICOM Uniforms for ranks Lt.Colonel - General
Many file bug fixes

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Hello, you make very cool mods, I use them very often to play with friends, I want to ask if the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be added?
it says failed to import can you fix? by the way the uniforms look cool
It says failed to import; how do I fix this?
Can you please update it to 1.18 please
1.16 Please mate.
Please update to 1.18. It doesn't work
When i try to create a account on discord to download the file i joined but then i got kicked i had no reason why when i try to rejoin then i got IP banned i looked at a raiding message but when i looked at channels that i tried to find the channel to get the mod but then i looked bat bot commands then i got kicked
Sorry, due to security reasons we don't allow accounts in our discord with an account age under a month.
Does this work on 1.17.40?
Is this compatible in realms?
should be if you apply to world first then set as realm
Please add reign of British Armor pls
If you have a problem importing the Addon, use the ZIP link. Worked for me
vro didnt worked vro
Add Indonesian and Philippines pliss
What are important countries
I have nothing negative to say about this addon. The best words to describe it are "pure perfection"