Published on August 13, 2021 (Updated on August 13, 2021)

[3D] SAS Uniforms

This add-on contains 7 SAS Black-out style 3D uniforms. The ranks go from private - warrant officer 1 and contain unique insignias for each one. It also comes with a gas mask and the SAS beret. This is useful for Milsims/Roleplays + battles maps and more! Made by Zevych

This is a Minecraft military SAS soldier combat uniforms add on, the uniform ranks are; Private, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Warrant Officer 2 and Warrant Officer 1 with unique 3D insignias for each one. This is Version 1 of the pack, so future updates will come out. This Minecraft add-on is very useful for a variety of servers but it useful for Military type roleplays and battle maps. 


Modelled, textured and coded by Zevych. Pictures taken on Co2byJ98's MilSim.

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-fixed some bugs 

-changed to mcaddon        

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Doesn’t work pls make it a mcaddon file :)
Can you not make it a zip file pls?
Can you make it an mcpack please or an mcaddon type of file?*
When I try downloading it says the zip code is invalid. How do I fix this. Or is the download just broke
The download needs to be a mcaddon file or it won’t work… so the download is broken:(
Can you make the 1984 INGSOC Army uniforms next?