Published on August 29, 2021 (Updated on August 29, 2021)

[3D] S.R.R Uniforms

This is a 3D Uniform Pack for the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, which is apart of the United Kingdom Special Forces. This is the second pack in the U.K.S.F series with the SAS pack being on MCPEDL aswell. There are 3 Different Variants of Chestplates, for Enlisted, Officers, and HICOM. There are 7 Enlisted Chestplates, 5 Officer Chestplates, and 4 HICOM Chestplates. The ranks included are:Enlisted Personnel: - Private - Lance Corporal - Corporal - Sergeant - Staff Sergeant - Warrant Officer Class 2 - Warrant Officer Class 1Officer Personnel: - Officer Cadet - 2nd Lieutenant - Lieutenant - Captain - MajorHICOM Personnel: - Lieutenant Colonel - Colonel - Brigadier - Major GeneralThe different ranks have different chestplate textures which have different insignias or other details

HICOMM Uniform Display:
For Ranks Lt. Colonel - Major General

Enlisted and Officer Uniform Display (Night Vision Goggles)
 - For Ranks Private - Major

Enlisted and Officer Uniform Display (S.R.R Berets)
 - For Ranks Private - Major

These images we're taken on Co1byJ98's MilSim, There is a link if you wish to join.

Modelled By Co1byJ98
Textures By Co1byJ98
Code By Zevych

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 - Added Mcaddon File Type
 - Fixed NVG Snood
 - Re-Textured SRR Enlisted Chestplate

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