3 New Biomes

Hello, this is a new add-on that I do where I add 3 New Biomes, the truth is that you can also do whatever you want, although the truth is that they are useless, they have their advantages

Before I would like you to visit my YouTube channel, you can find me as Santipago 2007

We started the tour ...

1. Wool         Can be used to make a lot of beds to sleep wherever you want.

2. Slime         It can be used to protect your house, as it encourages any creature that passes over it, you can even catch animals to have a mini farm.

3. Magma       Here you can still use it to defend your house or attack mobs, obviously do not go to attack the nether or those who have immunity to fire.

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I changed the Language from Spanish to English, and now


Remember that you have to activate the experimental game option for the add-on to work properly

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Meh. This is a extremely low effort addon. I think you should add trees, and different types of (if possible) blocks. And at least add more blocks in the biomes.
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Me gusa mucho este addon es útil pero lo mas epico es que ve muy bien
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It does not matter, I understand, in fact I said it above although they have their advantages but they are not many, but do not worry, I will be uploading other Biomes, I know how to make new swords, but I am testing them to see if they work ??
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