Published on October 24, 2020 (Updated on October 24, 2020)

Everything Turns To Coal

This is an add-on that will turn everything you touch into charcoal, is very useful for players exploring caves, as they will not run out of lighting(the huge minecraft caves). 

It will be very unlikely that you will get lost from your lair since you will leave a trace and can guide you.

This is a super add-on that will make everything you touch turn to charcoal, this is my first add-on of this type so if you find some errors, say so in the comments to know. You will find at least one error which I am going to tell you, it can be said that almost everything you touch will turn to charcoal and I still can't find a way to solve it but anyway I hope enjoy it very much.

Here are some images so you can see how it is ...

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I improved the description of the add-on, I hope they accept it this time.


Download the add-on first

Then click on the option that says "open"

Look for the option that says Minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions

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Just one question, could you send me your YouTube channel on instagram or through other networks? (In private)
Yes, if it can be fixed (only that it would take me a longer time to improve it), also if you can make your video, only preferably leave credits, no problem if you do not leave them
The Extraterrestrial Gamer October 25, 2020 at 6:48 am
Hello! This addon is very great and I liked my experience. My only concern is the bugs I faced just as super laggy animals even though the world progressed with a normal fps, also blocks hop around rapidly when you break them but I bet that can be fixed right? I'm also looking forward to recording a YouTube video with this and I'd like to hear your thoughts :D