3 Villages and a Large Variety of Biomes! (Seed)

This nice seed has a bunch of cool stuff in nearly every direction from spawn!

If you go southeast of spawn, you can find a Savanna Village next to a Badlands and Desert biome.

Going east of spawn will take you to a Ravine with two exposed veins of Diamonds and past the Ravine is a Shattered Savanna Plateau/Badlands biome combo!

Go north of spawn will take you to an ocean with a Ruins in to and past it is a Mushroom biome! There is also a Ruins and Coral Reef on the eastern side of the Mushroom biome.

Go northwest of spawn will bring you to a Snowy Tundra biome with an Ice Spike biome in it!

Head west of spawn to find a snowy Village that is mostly outside the Snowy Tundra biome. Next to this Village is a Desert biome that is surrounded by a Wooded Mountains biome. It looks really cool and could make a good valley to build in!

Head southwest from spawn for a Desert Village that is near a Coral Reef biome.

If you get lost or confused, take a look at the bird’s eye view of the world picture below! Enjoy!

Seed ID


Nearest mansion??
End city ??
Found one at roughly -1800, -2400
Best seed ever XD
Been playing on this seed for some time now and i love it. Everything you could possibly want is nearby. Nether fortress about 150 blocks away from where you'll land if making a portal at spawn.

Plenty of diamonds to be obtained in the ground and lots of creative things to be done. Only slight complaint is mansion is about 40k blocks away. But thats relatively normal.
Any forests or taigas?Really want to tame a wolf
Anyone know the location of nearest stronghold?
Found one! Not too far either! Coords 800 30(ish) -600 its under one of the nearby villages. Totes gonna make this my new survival world! Love it!
its under mushroom biome then
Are there any taigas?I really want to tame a wolf but there aren’t any I can find
anyone know where to find jungle biome in this seed
7690, 69, 263

Is the one I found.
That is SUPER far! None closer? I really want some bamboo!
Does anybody know if there is a nether fortress in this seed?
There is one in the nether at coordinates 179 yy -192
Exposed Zombie spawner at 1112, 64, -34. Skeleton spawner at 1333,62, -255
Is there any dark oak in trees in this seed?
Perfect seed, using it as my normal world.
Any ocean monuments in this seed?
Yes at -778, 62, 2295
Forest village 115, 66, -295
Diamonds at 998 13 -103
There is one diamond here lmao