Published on November 24, 2020 (Updated on November 24, 2020)

30x30x30 Redstone Computer!

This is a 30x30x30 computer challenge that i have created in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This computer can run simple programs like the Fibonacci sequence as well as send data out the included I/O to I/O devices such asa display or Hard drive. This computer is already linked up to a display so you can see the output.

This is a challenge that I undertook in honour of N00b_asaurus 40x40x40 computer that he built on Minecraft Java Edition. I have built it all on Bedrock Edition lol.

This computer is 30x30x30 and entirely built by me with my own custom parts.

This includes a 7 segment display connected up to the computer through the I/O

There is a version on this world without the case so you can see inside clearly.

Some of the commands and ALU functions


4 Bit architecture

4 cells of addressable RAM (2 bytes total)

15 lines of code

AX344 SDB V2.1 serial interface (my own protocol - may make video explaining how it works)

Here is my Video on my channel where i show it off and also explain how it works:

Music used: Luminescent by saymaxwell

Select version for changelog:


added more pictures as the reviewer wanted.

pictures of the included display as well as a transparent version.


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Pls make another link for because 1.16.101 is not supported by many server and i wont update in a close time
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