Published on November 09, 2021

[3D] Aussie Airforce Uniforms Addon

This a full set of Uniform for the Royal Australian Air-Force (RAAF). It has Enlisted, Officer, and HICOM Uniforms for all different ranks. This can be used in conjunction with my Flight Suit addon and any Flying / Aeroplane addon for any roleplays ect. 

In this addon, there are different chestplates with different insignias for the ranks:
 - Aircraftman
 - Leading Aircraftman
 - Corporal
 - Sergeat
 - Flight Sergeant
 - Warrant Officer
 - Pilot Officer
 - Flying Officer
 - Flight Lieutenant
 - Squadron Leader
 - Wing Commander
 - Group Captain
 - Air Commodore
 - Air Vice-Marshal
 - Air Marshal
 - Air Chief Marshal

Pictures of the Uniforms:






Pictures of the Uniform in game:


Modelled By: Co1byJ98#0101
Coded By: 9a_r#3064
Made for: MitchChief

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does it give protection or something like enchantable
Very beautiful models. May I ask if you can make Russian military winter uniforms? Or Russian winter attire such as the trapper hat and coat? Anyway this was a great addon, I wish you good luck in your future projects