Published on September 28, 2021 (Updated on November 09, 2021)

[3D] Aussie Military Uniforms

This is a small 3D Military Uniform Pack based around the Australian Armed Forces. It has boots, leggings, then 11 Chestplates for different ranks, and 5 different helmets. The different chest plates all have different insignia for the different ranks, these ranks are:

 - Private
 - Lance Corporal
 - Corporal
 - Sergeant
 - Staff Sergeant
 - Warrant Officer Class 2
 - Warrant Officer Class 1
 - 2nd Lieutenant
 - Lieutenant
 - Captain
 - Major

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 - Added a Military Police Beret with an Armband
 - Added a Medic Helmet with an Armband

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could you please fix these
1. slouch hat is slouched to the wrong side
2. the australian boonie hats are actually called bush hats
3. the rank symbols are incorrect, such as a single chevron for captain??
also could you please make just the shirts without a vest too
Peachyxbee#4931 (on xbox one) January 22, 2022 at 4:25 am
Pls make 3d american civil war uniforms
how do i actually get the uniform in-game
Whats the command for it??
ayo you cloud make "stealth uniform add-on"
I really like ur addon I download all of ur 3d uniform addon I hope you are happy I'm keep supporting
Nice Mods Or Add-On... :|
(._. ) I Don't Know What To Message
this addon needs more hats and boots
get more hats and boots please
Is there a version without a flag on the chest plate?
no its an australian uniform pack
Make WW2 Uniform because why not.
Heitor Lima Moreira October 13, 2021 at 7:39 am
One thing you should really put in your addons is that the animations of some weapon addons don't look too weird with your clothes.
Addons like Actual Guns, MorningStar Warpack and so on
When I tried downloading it. It said invalid zip Archive.
Dont use linkvertise September 29, 2021 at 2:49 pm
such a shame you wasted all this time making this addon just to use linkvertise. Dont you creators realize linkvertise doesnt work anymore? you are dissapointing people. When you click on the link it just says "this site is not secure" and you cant download it. Such a shame it really is.
I Think You Dummy...Because You Don't Know How To Pass LinkVertise...Actually You Can Pass LinkVertise...And You The Only One Who The Guy Don't Know How To Download It
Such A Idiot
rip bozo this creator has nooo chilllll XD