Published on June 22, 2020 (Updated on July 31, 2020)

3D Items Addon V2

The 3D Items Addon adds a new dimension to a few of the items in the game. The items are fully 3d, in your hand, when thrown and for fireworks and bottle o enchanting when used.

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Added Bones

Added Swords 

Added Splash Potions

Added Lingering Potions

Added Snowball

Added Ender Pearl

Added Eye of Ender


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It has bugs I didn't like it
Pls fix link
JervieA (Momoleaon) February 02, 2022 at 3:01 am
Your Link Gets Broken Sadly 🙁
Hi I love the pack is there anyway you can help me? Because I am remodeling one of the helmets and I want the item to be 3D too.
EdgyBun (imma addon/map/texture pack tester) April 23, 2021 at 1:13 am
Awesome addon! Can you add more 3d items?
can you add apples and 3d trowable items
I think 1.16.2 broke some of the models, like enchanting bottles, when in hand you see the 3d object and the 2d object. still love this addon
Can I teach me? I want to know how to work. (Sorry,My english is not good
The Addon's very laggy when I held the items in my hand.. Can you fix that?
That has everything to do with your hardware, not the pack
It's not his problem, it's clearly because of the Add-on. I have downloaded it to check, the texture files are 200x200 instead of 32x32.
Oh lord, the honey bottle is 320x320?!
Sry, it can't be fixed, since it's your device problem
this is really good, but just in my opinion i think it would be better if swords were more blocky so its a little closer to vanilla, so idk, also arrows, bows, crossbows, all tools, and armor i would like added but i know its hard and keep up the work :)
I agree :D!!
I am very interested in a little detail in this package, I gave it 5 points! I want to know how the author made a suitable translucent 1% items map, thank you author, I don’t speak English well, awa
This addon has good potential. I'll give it 4 Stars, as well as listing all of the bugs
and suggestions people have. I'll add a few of my own suggestions too.
Hope this comment helps.


1. Holding the Totem of Undying in your off hand it appears backwards.
2. Potions look like a water bottle when held.
3. Holding items in your offhand makes them invisible.
4.(?) Fireworks aren’t 3D when loaded in the crossbow.
5. Enchantment Bottles are invisible when thrown and has no animation.
6. No potion drinking animation.

My Suggestions:

- Try to turn the addon into a Resource Pack instead.
I've read the comments and someone reported that the Behavior Pack does not work well.
Turning the addon into a resource pack would make it easier for people to enjoy. :)

- The Totem of Undying has wings, so maybe you could modify the model a bit. (Optional)

- 3D Ender Pearls

- 3D Arrows (including Tipped Arrows)

- 3D Soul Lanterns and Soul Torches (Items that are in 1.16, the Nether Update)

- 3D Blaze Rods

- 3D Bowls (Including Mushroom Stew and Suspicious Stew, great for decoration!)

- 3D Buckets (Empty, Water, Lava, Milk)

- 3D Honey Bottles and 3D Honeycombs

- I wouldn't suggest making armor and tools 3D, since that is in 1.16.

Other Suggestions from the comments:

- 3D Torches and Lanterns

- 3D Snowballs

And that's all of the feedback I can give for now. I hope this comment helps you.
This pack is nice and I'd love for it to be updated and be a resource pack. Enjoy 1.16!
Thats nice, but what about weapons and tools?
Unfortunately becuase of the bedrock codebase I cant make it a recouce pack, once bedrock supports it I will make the change over, your comment definitely helps and I'm going to fix the bugs you found, but the enchanting bottle on my end is 3d when thrown, can you try throwing it from a distance or a height and see if its visible then?
for the totem make it the wrong way to fix it because no one holds a totem in their right hand
There are actually some packs I've seen that have done this as resource packs.

Two of them being: BedrockAnimated, and 3D Throwable Items.

On BedrockAnimated, the firework projectiles and arrow projectiles are 3D.

For the other pack, throwable items are just the 3D model.

I guess for this pack you're working on, you're attempting to make sure that
items are always 3D, no matter what, I assume?
yes, all those above are possible in 3d but they wont be 3d when being thrown on the ground, they would be invisible
someone has done it
Good but it actually should be a resources pack
lol nice, this had to be made 3-4 years ago cuz items are 3D in 1.16,
anyway it looks different than vanilla which I like. good job!
totem looks amazing