Published on November 30, 2020 (Updated on November 30, 2020)

Classic Towers (Voxet Echos Modpack Announcement)

Classic towers is based off of the old "Battle towers mod" but with a fresh coat of paint by me. This Addon will be apart of a larger modpack called Voxet Echo's so many things in it are not final.

Voxet Echo's is going to be a collection of many of my past addons as well as new ones from me and the community so keep you eyes peeled for that

Classic Towers:

Classic towers is the first addon to be recreated on the list of many to come. it is a dungeon like mod with the best loot at the top. there where a few changes made for the addon that i made to keep it unique to my style.

            Each chest has a key and at the top there is a boss chest witch cannot be unlocked without the other keys (so you cannot skip to the top). Then you must battle the tower golem at the top! The Tower Golem has two attacks:

            1) It will just hit you

            2) It will summon boulders to attack you (they disappear with time

            You also have to be carful of fall damage as there are many cracks in the floor that could send you to the bottom.

Lastly if any addon developers want to reach out to me go to my twitter

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changed introduction to tie in with addon itself a little more


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Download is broken. I am going to try again; please fix this.
Safari could not open page because it could not connect to the server
golem wont spawn for me ive tryed in like 17 diff worlds and nothing'
and yes the golems do work they just wont spawn with out me spawing thim in with an egg
Yeah Im haveing the same problem
Yeah golem is easy to defeat cause when you go down he can't hit you the only problem is the boulders yeah meteor update the atom when you battle the golem the mother will close
this is something special for my followers/ members on youtube so they can feel diff than just standard bedrock but yes THE SPAWN RATE of the tower is something need to be lower down most of them just side by side, it should make players travels to find it not just spawned when every chunk is open

overall great stuff
Good addon it reminds me of the battle towers in RLcraft. Maybe add special loot drops from it to give a greater insentive to go there. Also please change the boss texture its an iron golem with a fresh coat of paint.
These towers are super fun, however, the plains tower doesn’t generate properly. They are able to spawn in oceans, and they spawn way too frequently. I found 10 next to eachother
looks promising but i have not found any yet. I have expiremental gameplay on and have made several worlds. Anything i am doing wrong?
What font did u use in the title thing?
Not a single tower spawned because it has the behavior of almost vanilla but the texture of this tower addon
As Always An Awesome Add-on Voxet! Would Love To See This And Improve Like Adding Different Types Of Towers?? I Am Also Excited For The Mod Pack So I Wish You Good Luck My Dude, Your Add-ons Are Always A Joy To Review On The Channel :D
This add-on is really cool it's just like the mod on Java (≧▽≦)!!

But I have some suggestions:
• First there are so many towers it ruined my landscape (´;ω;`).
• Second the tower explodes too fast I can't escape (I died but luckily nothing important was lost), can you make it explode after 2 minutes is up?
what settings did you use to get them to generate?

Make different types of tower golems for each type of tower
Tower golem has player sounds (this can be easily fixed)
Loot needs to be better however this addon is very new and you can always add this stuff later
The download was broken for a little bit
Can I use your addon an my modpack