3D Throwable Items [Texture Pack] [Servers Useable]

Are you bored of all 2D throwable items? Because this resource pack comes with better geometries for snowballs, ender pearls, Eye of Ender, potions, fireworks, and more. take a 3D improvement.

Supported Items


Experience Bottle 

Ender Pearl 

Eye of Ender 



Any Potion 


(literally it now looks like the item)

Let me know if there is a missing throwable item.

Changelog View more

The last link was not able to show for mcpedl's mobile app users so i did change it again.

Changed link by a request of admin.

nothing more else.


Download the file .mcpack and open it being redirected to minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions




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22 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Candy H. says:

    Is this add-on for all the items in game? Or just a few?

  2. Shirokuma says:

    IT doesn’t work, it looks normal to me, maybe the new download link is broken

    • Jmed De. says:

      This may be because you must put this resource pack on top of all other packs.
      Or you’re playing in a map/sever/realm that has own resource packs

  3. Guest-1315048872 says:

    Can you give a download link that’s not linkvertise? It makes it much harder to get it

  4. Guest-9374191133 says:

    Nice but could you make item physics too? I only found 1 item physics for bedrock edition that works but it’s weird + it doesn’t support all items… also can you make it a texture pack not a addon. Thanks!

  5. Guest-6694987282 says:

    i can’t use the link……

  6. Turtle1 says:

    My gosh i been looking for this can u change most of the items im gonna love if can pls

  7. Lord_Khufu says:

    Does this support 1.14 ?

  8. Guest-4155984889 says:

    If you can make it 3d, maybe you can make other stuff 3d!

  9. Guest-9033744579 says:

    Does it work with texturepacks?

  10. Guest-5783236108 says:

    Quite a simple addon but yet very cool, good job 👍

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