Published on August 04, 2016 (Updated on August 08, 2020)

5 Useful Observer Creations [Redstone]

Are you looking to learn more about the new observer block and the various ways it can be used in-game? If that's the case then this map suitable for you as it features five useful creations where an observer block is the best option for most efficiency. 

The map is highly recommended for beginners!

5 Useful Observer Creations - Featured Image:

You can see the redstone properly next to each 'station on the right.

follow the design and you will be able to make it in your own world!

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  • Updated the forum.
  • Updated the link - direct to all of my published maps.
  • Support Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.

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The MediaFire Download link doesn't work
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I dont know how to download maps like this one, how do I download this kind of map?
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The media fire link does not work!
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Could I please have a .zip download?
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Rar can be opened/extracted the same way as a zip file. They are both compressed file formats.
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my computer won't allow me to extract a rar
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I want a .mcworld file
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