Published on January 18, 2020 (Updated on June 15, 2022)

Clear Vanilla Resource Pack

Minecraft Bedrock Version: 1.19

This resource pack was created to make Minecraft: Bedrock Edition a lot more clearer and detailed in terms of textures as much as possible. It changes things such as sides of a sticky piston, visual observer texture when activated, and a lot more...

The main idea of this resource pack is to implement all the possible useful tools for making redstone systems professionally by distinguishing between similar textures easily.

It's probably the most recommended resource pack for redstoners and technical players on Bedrock.

So if you’re a redstone guy or just someone who wants to make life easy, this is definitely the pack for you!

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Changelog - 1.19.0 Update:

  • Changed UUID for each pack so you can download new updates without having to delete the olds.
  • Updated many new textures from 1.19 for Clear Vanilla (Classic) packs, such as Mangrove planks, new spawn eggs, etc...
  • Added new unique textures for Mangrove buttons and pressure plates, similar to how other planks variations look on Clear Vanilla.
  • Fixed alignments of buckets for Clear Vanilla (Default) packs.
  • Recolored the oars on all boat items to match the boat color for Clear Vanilla (Classic) packs.
  • Fixed inner piston texture hole to match the arm size.
  • New update of Item Info+ (version 1.9) has been implemented (originally created by @HonKit26113).
  • Removed light level icons from items for non Clear Vanilla Lite packs.
  • Added cracks textures on top of damaged anvils for Clear Vanilla (Default) packs.
  • Position: [X], [Y], [Z] is now X: [a], Y: [b], Z: [c].
  • Changed textures of repeater and comparator items, similar to how it originally should look.
  • Added distinguishable banner patterns textures with an option to choose the classic look in subpacks.
  • Adjusted respawn anchor bottom texture for Clear Vanilla Lite (Classic).
  • Fixed issue where some unique spawn eggs textures didn't appear in-game for non Clear Vanilla Lite packs.
  • Added animation to respawn anchor bottom texture with adjusted texture for Clear Vanilla (Classic).
  • Updated spruce planks on the barrel bottom texture for Clear Vanilla (Default) packs.
  • Updated oak planks on the lectern base texture for Clear Vanilla (Default) packs.
  • Removed unnecessary textures that have been updated recently for Clear Vanilla (Deafult) packs.
  • Removed unused textures and files for Clear Vanilla (Classic) packs.


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Can I use your artboards for my texture? I'll remember to give you credit.
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This comment has been removed
Can it have redstone only version because I only need the redstone componants part at it.
And thanks for your efforts to do this amazing texture pack.
hello! could you make the texture of the furnaces lit separately? I've been looking for it for a long time and I can't find it in a single pack, thanks.
Please, fix the textures of some spawn eggs!
This pack is cool! But for some reason, the skins made w/ the skin editor provided by the game (expect the custom ones) always shows up as the default Steve skin. Please fix this bug, anyways, thank you
Probably uses the player.json for some stuff then
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(add) I love this resource pack! But I found two bugs in the 1.19 update — Wandering Traders using the Illusioner spawn egg texture and the bug for the Character Creators invisible and set to default, including capes being invisible too. For other stuff like textures, I enjoyed it a lot especially in the redstone component textures.
This the best!
also there is a bug for me where the "player.render_controllers.json" comes back as "missing value separator" which is probably why i cant see other players
Es muy bueno pero necesita traduccion en los items
When and will you be able to fix the numbered redstone dust
Sangat bagus bintang 5 🌟
Hey Tal I really love your texture pack and I use it everyday but I have a recommendation I recommend for you to make a redstone tweaks pack because it would be very useful for many players that use redstone.
Hi, i I'm trying to download but I'm not getting it because it says the file is not available, I hope it solves this problem
Hi Creator I hope you can respond to me Is it just me or the Villagers Have No Textures ? Like their profession
I think you're using the classic version instead of the default