Published on July 31, 2020 (Updated on August 03, 2020)


In this map you will have to face 500 levels of parkour to finish it. The map is easy enough and doesn't have too complex levels, but the goal of the map is to finish it in the shortest time possible.

As you can see from the photo, you will have to face 500 levels of Parkour within these white squares.

As you can see in this photo, the levels will not be all the same, but every 20/30 levels the theme of Parkour changes to make it more beautiful and fun to play, and not to repeat itself until it becomes boring

-Photos of the Parkour variants :

-Each time you pass 20/30 levels the game will remind you of where you are with the levels and will keep you updated. The map does not show you every level you pass but it shows you after a while. In some levels of Parkour the way to go forward may be different from that of a normal Parkour, as you can see in the photo if a Parkour is "different" than the others, the instructions to proceed will be written to you : 

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The map has undergone changes in some levels as they did not allow the player to move forward:

-Stairs not present in some levels have been added, causing you not to repeat the level

-Some blocks were positioned incorrectly so as not to allow the player to do parkour in the right way, and forcing him to go creative to proceed

-Removed some blocks left at the end of the construction of the map since they had not been removed

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There are a few levels that don't have ladders to get back up, might want to check that. :)
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Hello and thanks for the comment. I made an update of the map, bringing it to 1.0.2 where I fixed this problem and put the blocks in the right places, if in some levels there are no stairs, do not worry about going into creative and adding them
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