6th Century: New Ancient World

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6th Century

You wake up in the ancient world of the 6th century AD, back when men and women fought with metal blades and fire spewing boats. But little did you know that, as later in the centuries to come, everything is changing rapidly.

From metal blades to metal bows that fire with thunderous sounds, and from the spewing boats of fire, came the iron birds like an angelic choir.

Every part of the world changes, from the rivers to the mountain ranges, everything from the plains and forests, from the large trees to the small florets.

From the fall of Rome to the rise of Byzantium, from the use of iron to the walls of titanium, from the horses and wagons, to the hippogriffs and dragons.

To the use of magic, then the coming of science. From our own world, to another planet. From the dead to the living, the underworld and the afterlife.

It's a pretty big mess, would you try to fix it? Or would you try to make sense of it? To find harmony in a discord of realities, but what is reality when everything feels like fantasy. Dreams and nightmares, memories and thoughts.

6th Century: North & West

Worldbuilding adventure filled with magic, science, histories, and war! A story set by Anthony Concord, shall now be finished with humans, dragons, elves, and others like you! 6th Century re-created by: Kyuu Desperation (July 28, 2021)

6th Century: New Ancient World

When the ancient world has been enlightened by these ‘new’ inventions of the future! It shall turn the tide of history all together! 6th Century re-created by: Kyuu Desperation (July 28, 2021)

Note from creator:

Add-ons Content! - Please do notice that some content are not currently available in 6th Century: North & West from the original add-on, as they are being added eventually anyway.

 Another note is that not all contents from North & West are in New Ancient World such as dragons for example.

 And not all contents from New Ancient World are currently available in North & West such as flintlock rifles for example.

Add-on Updates! - Please take note that it takes a very long time to upload these to public use, I'm trying my best to get this out as much as possible. Wish WiFi can be no longer a problem.

Copyright! - Any use of the content of the mod like models, animations, or textures for example is strictly prohibited. UNLESS, you will credit me in the files, videos, or sites, and I will allow use of it for FREE! Just please credit me, and tag me.

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6th Century: North & West will be the new 6th Century for 1.20.30+

North & West will currently mostly focus on the fantasy side of 6th Century and all its contents and lore.

So don't expect Advanced Guns, Tanks or Future Tech for the time being.

6th Century: New Ancient World is a small add-on that will be released once. All content in this small add-on will be added together with North & West later.

Newly Added:

Alchemy Altar! - Added an alchemy Altar which is used to make magic using alchemy books!

Alchemy Books! - Added 14 different kinds of Alchemy Books based on their magic, usable only for the Alchemy Altar!

Draconic War Darts! - Added draconic War Darts which you can throw using your hand. They're one time use only, but you can pick them back up if you failed to hit the target!

Katanas! - Added 80 different kinds of Katanas. 4 different blade styles, Maru, Kobuse, Honsanmai, and Soshu Kitae. 16 different colours for each style, White, Silver, Gray, Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Cyan, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Magenta, and Pink. And also the new tactical katana! Which uses carbon steel and other materials that are not traditionally used for Katanas. The blades themselves unrefined and refined aren't counted in the 64 different kinds.

Lead! - Added lead which is found on ores like galena! You can use lead for a couple of things.

Magic! - In total there are 28 if including both Raw and Refined, Added 14 different kinds of magic into the mod, Fire, Ice, Nature, Electric, Geo, Water, Soul, Necromancy, Light, Dark, Pure, Enchanted, Healing, and Stellar!

Silver! - Added silver equipment and items which can be used in many alloys and also magic!

Steel! - Added steel equipment and items which is better than diamond! You can make all sorts of things with steel! Armour! Tools! Weapons! Blocks! And other kinds of steel too!

Tamahagane! - Added new tamahagane ore and exquisite tamahagane ore!

Newly Updated:

Vanilla Minecraft:

Changed some vanilla recipes with string into rope. This means recipes for bows, scaffolding, fishing rods, leads, and others, will now use any kind of rope.

Changed some vanilla recipes with wheat into flour. This means some recipes such as cake, bread, and cookies now use flour.



Updated the page for 6th Century: North & West and 6th Century: New Ancient World

The page will now also be a lot cleaner and neat.

Added and removed information about mobs, items, and blocks.


Added information for the giant tortoise.

Added information for the rattlesnake.

Updated information for the silkmoth, silkworms, and silkworm cocoons.


Added information for default items.

Added information for default nature.

Added information for armour equipment.

Added information for bow and arrow equipment.

Added information for flax items.

Added information for flax nature.

Added information for flintlock equipment.

Added information for food items.

Added information for katana items.

Added information for silk items.

Updated information for katana equipment.

Updated information for steel items.

Updated the tamahagane ores, as they are now manually made from the tatara furnace.


Added information for mill blocks.

Added information for egg nesting blocks.

Updated textures and information for the tatara furnace.

Updated tatara furnace mechanic and behaviours.



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The next update will have this be available for 1.20.30+
6th Century will have to wait a little longer to complete. For now on 6th Century will be divided into 2 current separate add-ons.

6th Century: North & West will be more focused on the fantasy and magic side of the add-on.

6th Century: New Ancient World will be more focused on the realistic and sci-fi of the add-on.

I have to remind everyone that this is not easy because I only use phone, but I will probably be getting a new laptop soon so I can update the page more easily and faster even! And that also means I can use Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Windows, which means I'll know what's working and what's not working!

Another reminder, you can suggest anything to me and there's a chance it might be added. But please take note it needs to have a lot of thought in it, and it has to have a lot of background to it too.

For example, you want me to add ducks. But what kind of duck? Where are they found in the real world and put that into an existing biome in Minecraft? What do they eat? Do they have some special item that can help the gameplay just a little better, like maybe their meat sucks but they grant more feathers.

How about something else like fairies (faierie)? Do I have to make them historically accurate? Like fairies are crazy for bread and cake? Fairies will occasionally turn a baby villager into a changeling? Do fairies trade? Can they be enslav- I mean... Trusted? Can these fairies be useful or not? And more importantly, do fairies wear clothes?

Good Luck!
Can't wait for the 1.20.60+ update, your addon it's the best
your gun is so cool. Even though it's not worth asking. But can you make a separate gun add-on? It would be perfect for another survival mode
it says not a valid zip archive when i try to import the mcaddon
i hate zip folders so it just makes it un importable.
bro please update the mod fix it for multiplayer
how do I tame the dracons?
I'm have issues with the mod its hard to explain add me on discord my discord is goochimin or kilavatius
Its broken for my xbox players
First of all,I want to say that 6th century is the best addon I have ever played.But I want to make
a few suggestions.
First,I'd like you to change the recipe for the paper cartridge.It conflicts with the button's synthetic formula.
Second, I want you to change the model of the dragon.I can not distinguish between two kinds of dragons when I was playing.
Third,I want to know the name of the songs.I like them very much.
Can u just pot all the add-ons together it would be awesome I am just asking it if it ok
Cus I want the guns and the dragons
wow thats great. another 6th century mod, still broken as ever. make it able to download bruh!
can’t download
i love the 6 century mods u make! but please let me download it, i need it for my project
cant download or unzip to download
Are you able to add mermaids and sirens and nine tail fox and maybe some other mythical creatures? That would be awesome :)