A Simple and Normal Parkour [BETA]

Are you sick of all of these parkour maps these days? 

Are you sick of those long-a😂😂 levels that you just want a normal parkour map? 

Then download this map! 

Starting on V4, A Simple and Normal Parkour is updated monthly cuz i am working on a new parkour/puzzle map. 

ASNP is a 5 level parkour map. That's it. 

Lobby (or the most unimportant place in any map) (and got overhauled on 2.0) (but stil outdated screenshot) (and it's this addon) :

Level 1 (the beginning of any parkour ever):

Level 2 (yeah pretty unbelivable right?):

Level 3 (this is where you lose your braincells off):

Level 4 (known as the hardest level to any parkour ever):

Level 5 (or the chill level of any parkour):

Level 6 (still hard, not as hard as y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶p̶e̶e̶p̶e̶e̶ level 4):

Level 7 (chill level but not as chill as level 5): 

Level 8 (more like you just jump around and get to that other platform but it's honeyblocks):

Level 9 (that feeling that you go to the nether): 

(oops forgot the screenshot) 

Level 10 (owie):

Level 11 (not really a parkour level):

Level 12: 

Level 13 (wait it was poisoned? always has been):

Level 14:

Level 15:

Level 16:

Thanks for playing room (again, the most unimportant part of any parkour map and it's in beta so shut up if you complain that there's no decoration):

(i don't have the updated screenshot) 

Since this map is in public beta, please request new ideas for the new levels at my twitter @NotJayJayGaming


Select version for changelog:


i just changed the red message on top cuz somehow it was there


It's a zip file and use your common sense too

If you're gonna showcase this make sure that you credit me in the description or else I'll take it down


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You are literally my hero people who put a direct download should get special treatment
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The twitter account that's in the description is suspended (@jessiejamesgam is the new one btw). Also this was discontinued so don't expect to have any updates.
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This parkour haunts me.
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I legit can’t get past level 2.
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i hate the barrier block jumps. Anyways, great map!
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No one is sick with my super long parkour map!! Just kidding! Keep up buddy
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Awesome Parkour ?

No frikin Hard Jumps ?
Very Easy To Play?
Ans Good When You Multi player??
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Oh wow not as hard your- ?
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You are literally my hero people who put a direct download should get special treatment
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Jumping off like you
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