Published on April 25, 2021

Dimension Parkour

Don't you like how medium the difficulty Your Average Parkour is?

Do you want to crank dat ****** DIFFICULTY SLIDER to much more medium?

Are you tired of medium parkour maps in MCPEDL and wanna push that boundary more to make it more medium?

Well this map is for you! (this is a joke please don't take it seriously) 

This map is made by me, JoacGo and Chris Jay Colonia

Here's some pictures:

(They're just netherite armor, i forgot to remove DripCraft for these screenshots) 

(This stage takes advantage of an exploit so i left a skip stage button for those who playing on versions that fixed this exploit) 

Texture packs used in the screenshots: DripCraft, EndorCore Shaders

Addon used in the map: Ghost Blocks Addon by Vechrozilator 

Video Trailer:


If you're recording this map, make sure to put the original MCPEDL link (no Mediafire link, no link shorterners like Linkvertise, Adfly, etc.) and give credit to me (JessieJamesPlays), Chris Jay Colonia and JoacGo or your video gets taken down


I don't really know just search how to import maps in Minecraft 


Only works on, 1.16.221, 1.16.230 and above
There's a bug on 1.16.220 that makes all the paintings invisible  :(
Also there's a level in the map that takes advantage of an exploit that's why i put a button so if you're playing on a version that that said exploit was patched, you can still continue to play the map

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Why doesn't anyone make maps for education edition
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also Education edition is based off an outdated version of Minecraft *cough* *cough* 1.14
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