A Soul For A Soul

Ever wanted to have a minecraft map with deep stories like of some famous story mode video games? Your search stops here!

This is an adventure/puzzle map with probably one of the deepest stories in the whole mcpedl! AND ITS NOT A REMAKE OF ANY MAP/GAME IT'S FULLY ORIGINAL


Everything was alright, you and your sister ana were living a peaceful normal life, but as expected-not forever. A ghost called "the soul" was a deadly spirit that feds up on the spirit of others it was said to be captured in a gem, but somehow it escaped and is filled with rage and anger, the soul took your sister- AND its you who is going to save her, to do so you need to complete quests follow the story collect items and defeat it once again for everyone's sake, but life isn't much easy as it sound!


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Wow I didn’t download becuase this is school iPad but wow. Omg it so good