Published on September 07, 2021 (Updated on September 06, 2021)

Abandoned Isle Custom Terrain (Free Usage!)

Greetings, people! This is an abandoned isle i made, you can actually survival, explore the world normally or choose to create some awesome creations on it. The map is free for your purposes, you can use it to create your own map. (credit required) 

Terrain Formed by keyyard

thanks Dewdimpple for the Castle!

This map includes:

  • Rivers
  • Lake
  • Castle
  • Moutains
  • Custom Trees
  • Seashores
  • Waterfall


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I've updated the description to fits with the map, sorry for the mistake!


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Well your map is look cool...but I can't use keep crash everytime I play this map
hello Keyyard   ,
Your resources are very excellent!
I am HermitMira from NextPlume-a Chinese translation team ,can I sole agency your resources and translate them to China Minecraft Resource platform ?
they are not for business or embezzlement,and i will give clear indication for your name!
We hope more players will enjoy the resource in minecraft!
Cool map, but is there a stronghold sonewhere in this map? I want to play a Hundred Days with this map if there is a stronghold or if i can beat the game ^^
I will add a stronghold for another upcoming map!
Pack it You suck Are you dumb map Maker Many downloads Of your map of you Put it on all mc versions Dumb Creator
Dude, he took time to make this, If you don't like it, leave it and move on.
Hi im darkmazeblox , i want to use this map in my planet minecraft submission . I make different types of minecraft maps and skins . Can i use it? I will credit you .
This looks absolutely stunning, i am gonna play this with my friends
This looks amazing!! And what shader are you using? I can't find a shader that works for bedrock anymore since teh render dragon update
Thanks! It was actually Minecraft's RTX.
Is it possible to get RTX on xbox bedrock?
No, sorry to say that. it requires at least RTX2060 to runs so i dont think would work for xbox.