Published on August 30, 2018 (Updated on January 11, 2021)

GCS Snipers Vs Thieves [PvP] [Minigame]

Snipers vs Thieves is a multiplayer heist minigame where the thieves have to rob the bank while avoiding getting killed by the snipers. It's a very intense game with lots of action. One team will be the thieves and the other team will be the snipers. Find out if you have what it takes to be a bank robber, or if you have the abilities to stop one.. 

Creator: keyyard

How to play?

Thieves will rush the bank and rob it. Upon arriving at the bank a timer will start and thieves have to wait out the time until the gold has melted. Once that's done they need to put the gold in their truck and escape. It's up to the snipers in the abandoned building across the street to stop them by killing them.
  • Thieves: Rush from their truck into the bank and collect 3 stacks of gold (64×3). Place the gold in your truck and escape!
  • Snipers: You're restricted to the abandoned building only. Stay inside the building and snipe the kill thieves. You can enable to scope of the Sniper Rifle by sneaking while holding the Sniper Rifle (Bow). Stop the thieves by killing them!
  • Modes & Maps: 1 Map (Abandoned City), 3 Modes (Day/Night/Cycle)


  • Sniper must stay in their house to snipe.
  • Do not cheat by using tools or changing gamemodes.


TitanPlayz269(Command Blocks, Builds)
  • KeyyardTwitter Account (Addon, Command Blocks, Builds)
  • Ducanhcuba (Builds)
  • AzozGamer936Twitter Account (Builds & Addon)

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    Up to date! now it can play perfectly in latest version
    New gunning systems!


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    3.67 / 5 (9 votes)
    can i play with 2 people , cause I only have 1 Minecraft friend :(
    cool map, it is really interesting now I need more friends to play with
    .mcworld wont download for me in this map please help
    Nice multiplayer map you got here! I want to play this on LAN with some friends, so hope this will be a great time
    That is a amizing map
    Are u a Vietnamese??
    this map is amazing you recreated this to minecraft amazing resourse pack bro
    how do you get the gold?
    You should make more maps. I came up with a really great idea. You could make a Bandits vs. Sheriffs map. The sheriff would have a revolver instead of a sniper. The map would be Wild West themed.
    Cool Map! Now i just have to play Snipers vs Thieves In mcpe without any snipers btw can you add skeletons cause i dont have any friends with mcpe? i play singleplayer everyday
    Wait its 2:33 AM?
    Mines is 10:34
    btw i know why
    Great map! Is this map inspired by the Snipers vs Thieves play store game?
    how is it my fault when you cant upload your content?!!?
    Theguyyoudonotknow August 31, 2018 at 3:33 am
    Hi thanks for this "RAD" MAP! lets make changes by adding more map and stuff thanks for making this by theguyyoudonotknow