Published on May 04, 2022 (Updated on May 22, 2022)

Abyssal Depths & Heights

Hop into the more-detailed caves from the Spiky Roofs to the Mid Grassy Caverns all the way down to the Infectious Sculk Veins with more in store for you. Knowing all three cave Biomes generating all together, and some generating replacing the Warm Biomes throughout the world.

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  • Added Surface Caves - (Desert for Lush Caves, Badlands, and it Eroded Variant for Dripstone Caves, Stony Peaks for the Deep Dark, and mixed Dripstone and Lush Caves for Wooded Badlands)
  • Mountains now also get affected except for the Meadow Biome
  • Liumbin Crystal Blocks now replace more Dripstone Blocks (32 to 46)
  • Changed sounds for Moss Block, Dripstone Block, and Sculk Block Variants to match their main block sounds. (Ex. Moss Block Variants now has the Moss Block noises)
  • Increased the size of the Glare and Spore Bee
  • Copper Golem no longer takes damage in Warm Biomes (Desert and Badlands), due to the code being the Snow Golem's code with slight changes
  • Removed the Scatter Cave Feature (The Lush and Dripstone Cave features will no longer generate all over the world,
  • Increased the height at which cave features could generation [(-64 to 64) to (-56 to 252)]
  • For now, the spawning for Sculk Zombies, and Ravagers has been moved to the Sculk Peaks (Stony Peaks), still plans to move it back to the Deep Dark
  • Removed the Slab and Stair textures in the files since the slabs and stairs use the texture for their full block.
  • Lighten the texture for Polished Dripstone, and Dripstone Bricks since there were too dark to match the normal Dripstone Block texture



  • AbyssalDepthsHeights.mcaddon (336.6 KB)

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what do you need to have enabled in the world for this addon to work?
"Holiday Creator Features" and "Creation for Custom Biomes", you can also turn on the "Spectator Mode" toggle to make it easier for finding the new caves
caves more like the best cavern good mod so gg