Published on April 12, 2022 (Updated on May 06, 2022)

The Anthensy Expansion (Lost Experiment Update)

The sudden alien infection that struck the plains, peaks, and fields that has been infesting the land has finally started to take on a good shape with instead of dissolving trees, and nuclear gas being produced, mythical trees, beautiful plants and vegetation started to bloom all over the Plains, Peaks and Slopes, and Warm areas of the world.

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Retextured Some Blocks

Added 30 new blocks

Added Earthling

Added Earthling Abomination

Removed Earthcaller

Updated Savanna and Jungle Biomes

Adjusted Mountain Generation to have snow again

Fixed some biomes that were generating incorrect blocks

Removed New Trees for structures

Added Notes on the page talking about future development and plans

Altered parts of the MCPEDL Page



  • TheAnthensyExpansion.mcaddon (3.02 MB)

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Stolen from sekretboi jungle addon
Yet another addon filled with stolen stuff, get
Bro y are people say "did you ask for permission from minecraft dungeons" like he doesnt need to thousands of other people make mc dungeons mods i mean do u think that the leapleaf and jungle abomination were created by a mod dev??
Can you please credit sekretboi for the Leapleaf & the Jungle Abomination from the Jungle Expansion?
If some are wondering, Yes, The Earthling and the Abomination are just retextured Leapleaf and Jungle Abomination. It is there just for now so it could change later on or be removed for another mob, and in some future addons, the same thing could happen, anyways, just posted this for clarification about the reusing.
Did u get permission from the creators to use their textures?
even withh retextures this mod is a 10/10 why people hate this mod you are good mod maker keep up the good work
Just gonna ask, are you stealing assets and re-texturing/modelling them? These addons all use the Minecraft Dungeons expansion addons’ mobs and I’m very sceptical.
He's re using textures from his jungle expansion addon