Published on November 09, 2022 (Updated on December 15, 2023)

Additional Caves! [V.4] Making Caves more interesting!

We had a Cave Update before, but it didn't add that much

And so I will make it better!

This addon adds new Ores, Crystals, Mobs, and even Cave Biomes!

Be Ready to explore more Cave Types

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-Fixed a lot of bugs
-updated to newest version
-Changed a few spawning rates.
-Added The "King Of Death"
-Added "Statue of the King of Death"
-Added "Tower of Death"
-Added the Desert Biome Caves
-Added two new Flowers for these Biomes

This is the final update of Additional Caves!
It was so much fun working on this addon and I hope you guys loved it!
Thanks for everything :]


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Very great mod! Works fine on experimental for 1.20.
Don't know what is coming next update for this mod, but it would be awesome to :
have pebbles random rotation or variations;
Have all mushroom wood and all stones accessories (fence, planks, trapdoors, etc)
Unique vines for each mushroom types!!

Can't wait to see what you will come up with! keep up he good work and thanks for creating this addon!

EDIT : Texture of the Stoned and Knight Zombies and Knight Skelly can be invisible when mixed with other mods. Got killed by floating helmets a few times ! test mob spawning in creative when mixing with other texturing mods :)
does this use player.json
I hate mcpedl because the editors take 8 years and then they just deny then I did what they want and then they denied and said “Feel free to post this on Minecraft forums”.

I was so frustrated since I tried to submit this on March 1 and I keep on getting denied it’s been 2 months and I am still being denied and other maps are just getting uploaded fast.
Oh I just realized it was released today lol
Holy crap it’s out. ITS FINALLY OOOUUUUTT