Published on August 26, 2021 (Updated on November 09, 2022)

(M)ore! (8.1) Huge Bug Fix

"Another ore addon..?" 

Well, yea! Yet, this one is unique. This one doesn't just add Armor and tools! It even adds special and distinctive uses to each of its 27 Ores! 

But not just ores, Crystals, or even Alloys are also here!

Therefore I hope you enjoy this addon!

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-For some reason I had to fix the Looting/Fortune thing AGAING
-Pickaxes/Axes now mine Custom Blocks correctly
-Fixed Creative Menu things
-Fixed a few Grammar Mistakes


This means that this Addon receives no more Updates
And if so only bug fixes!
I wanna thank everyone for supporting this addon for so long and I hope you have fun mining!


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I love this mod, we were trying to use Ore Plus, but it was horrible and we found yours, thank you for saving our Skygen!! But there is some bugs we would like to share, we tested pretty much everything in the mod and we found that. 1. The electrum golem doesn’t use build proper, what I mean is if you stack two electrum blocks and a head on top it spawns, so no T formation. 2. None of the electrified pickaxes work with the mods ore, it mines at the same speed as your hands. 3. None of the furnaces work, when charged with sulfuric coal it turns on but cannot be opened or used, and for some odd reason when you interact with the tin furnace it just gives experience. 4. Maybe not exactly a bug but the two wall crystals place super janky, you have to be exactly above the block to place the crystal upwards, unlike stars. 5. You cannot wax any of the wax able blocks with honey (sorry if there is a way I don’t know about). 6. The chest don’t have an opening and animation and the only way to open then is from looking at the top of the chest. That’s all we found but don’t be distracted by the bugs, this mod does have some eh textures but it is very very detailed and impressive, for example every armor, tool, weapon, and item shows it’s uses, durability, damage, armor rating, and effects in game! Also every ore has a corresponding nugget, raw ore block (if it drops raw) and block. It also has amazing little features like all modded axes un-wax blocks and shovels make paths. As well as very unique ideas for ores and designs! I do you have a few suggestions tho, I think you should definitely make the onyx items slightly better then netherite (like how diamond are slightly worse then netherite), as it is found in the end, also probably remove tin foil because it’s useless. I also think changing the diamond obsidian look more like diamonds rather then quartz, also my friend suggest emerald armors and tools! I would love a reply! Thank you for the amazing mod keep up the work :)
plz make it so education edition can use it to
The ovens are not working properly, please, could you fix this error?
The behavior pack link and resource pack link, are outdated. please update it. thanks
Huge Bug: The durability doesnt go down for some tools (tin for example) unless its on ores in this addon and some tools (again tin as an example) dont mine for example stone
Fantastic addon!

Plays nice with other addons and works with realms!

Great job :D

PS - Having every block/item have a description is a nice touch, I wish other addon creators did this.
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
Stop your scam, that just makes money for u not for creator.
Get away from this site,shameless and greedy thief
[FBI] LOLI STEALER June 29, 2022 at 11:27 am
Hey laiffoo i love ur addon but can u change the other armor texture cause it's look weird
Somehow all the pick axe of this add on couldn't mine cobblestone, how to fix this? And how to use bundle?
i tried this and had to set a cave explore limit so i don't get lost mining new ores
Is (M)ore, ore tree, modern machinery
Compatible with 1.19?
yes i tried it, it works
Hello Laiffoo,
I am a Addons Developer form China,can I sole agency your resource and translate it to China Minecraft Resource platform?
It's not for business or embezzlement,and i will give clear indication of with the author!
We hope more players will enjoy the resource in Minecraft!
My gf hit an iron manganese chest with an enchanted fishing pole, when she right clicked to get the bobber back it emptied the chest on the ground and she couldn't get the chest to reopen until she broke it and replaced it.
Bro this mod not works with other mod
With what addon have you tested it?