Published on August 28, 2022 (Updated on February 01, 2023)

Block Tools! [V.3] Tools out of Blocks! | Compatible with other Addons!

I made a Block Armor addon before,

So now I made a Block Tools Addon!

This Addon adds Tools that are based on Blocks!
Like Dirt Pickaxe, or Obsidian Pickaxe!
Hope you enjoy it!

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-Fixed a few Recipes
-All Tools now have the Label "Block Tools"
-Added Granite/Andesite/Diorite Tools
-Added Stonebrick Tools
-Added Deepslate Brick Tools
-Nerved Dripstone Tools


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Please Bedrock Tools!!!🥺
Are you going to update the addon to the most current version?
Can you also add sticks of different blocks? So that every item has a combination of stick and the other piece.
dum af, man could have been updating his machinery addons, theses addons are a waste of time, as there are unique armour and tool addons out there with ability's, so dum
You know, those are my addons and not yours.
You shouldn't dislike an addon cause you expected me to update other addons.
besides, I can decide what addons I update or make. Not you
yoooooooo!!! this would be awesome with the block armor