Published on September 19, 2023 (Updated on February 01, 2024)

Endcraft Remastered [V.2] Making the End better!

The End is so boring, even Mojang says so!

So let's change it for the better!


Endcraft Remastered will make the End better than ever before!


I hope you will enjoy it :D

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-Added Enderlieft
-Added Futuristic Debris
-Added Calcium Crystals
-Added Calcium Lanterns
-Fixed a ton of bugs, including bugs that stopped fog from biomes to spawn.

I just wanna say, thank you guys for everything.
I have been making addons for so long and Endcraft was one of my first addons and I loved every second
of making it.
I hope you guys love the remastered!
Unfortunatly, this will be my last addon i will update. I decided to quit with making addons due to personal reasons. I wanna thank everyone one of you for everything!
I'm planning on releasing one last addon, but I won't spoil it!


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they only add mobs bruhh
Hello, I like the addon a lot, the warpped biome and the blue skies and all, plus the blue calcium crystals, really brings the end to life, however there are some bugs.
other than the fact that you have mentioned the corrupted biome and wastelands collide, it's impossible to find a full corrupted biome, the only time I get to see some sort of parts of the biome is the small strips of it in the wastelands biome.
there's also another bug and which is the addon preventing endermen from spawning, idk if this is intentional but I never saw a single enderman, both in the main island and outside, it also seems to affect mobs from different addons too, preventing them from spawning in the end, idk if there's anything from the overworld that's affected by this.
there's also a problem with the warzalea, whenever it gets bonemeal, the tree, instead of growing on the spot the warzalea is, it instead grows a few blocks away from it with the tree variant being the exact same from design and the direction the tree is facing everytime I grow another warzalea.
Idk if most of these are affected because of 1.20.60 or becaue I am on mobile or maybe I am missing something else.
It would've been cool to see more content from this addon, overall it's a pretty good end expansion addon. I'd wish you'd be able to fix some of the bugs and problems I've mentioned in this message, good luck and take care, hope to see more soon.
It's cool but it's only adding new end mobs in me there's no new end block
it's kind of a shame you're not gonna update anymore but I love all your addons!
It support 1.20.60?
what if you had an armored I could be crafted that can make you turn into an ender man
i think it'd be cool if the END had its own Warden variant
you should add a boss to the addon but for the start it really good