Published on September 19, 2021 (Updated on October 15, 2021)

Trolly Ores! (v2)

This addon adds Ores which will have kinda stupid but funny uses. Some are also just annoying. This is a more fun addon or just to mess with friends!This addon was made in 4h.This addon aswell is just for Fun so don't expect too much!Anyways Get Trolled hahahahahahahahhah (Now fr Hope you enjoy)

It has 15 Different Troll Ores (+5 Deepslate) 

Which have different uses and ways to troll you or your Friends!


Lets begin:

Also I suggest mining them with a Stone/Iron Pickaxe or higher

First the Battlerite Ore

When mined It can drop a Random Sword with Random Enchants. However if mined you get a LOT of damage (Y= -30 - 20)


Next is Dirty Ore

When Mined it drops ALOT of Dirt/Grass (Y= -30 - 20)

Next is Foodium And Hungerium

Hungerium when mined gives Hunger (Y= -30 - -10)

Foodium however fills Hunger bar up  (Y= 0 - 40)


Next is Tntium

It has a 60/40 Chance of rather Exploding instantly or dropping some Tnt!
It spawns at Y= 0 - 32

Next up is Telerite (This always Drops but its use only works if mined with a Pickaxe)

When mined is has a chance of Teleporting you 100+ Blocks in the Air
 It spawns at  Y=  -64 - 0


Welp Next is the Shyerite

This Ore when mined will say a random Text

As exmaple:

It spawns at Y= -30  -  40

However next is the SPAWNER ORE

when Mined it can summon a random Mob

So nothing too special ( Y= -30 - 40)


Now we Come to the Sussy Ores

These Spawn also the same Y where the others spawn

Sussy Iron when mined Summons an Iron Ore Mob

Sussy Gold Summons lightning on Break

Sussy Diamond is like Normal Diamond. but its drop can't be used for Diamond stuff

It does however Drops XP

Next is Sussy Coal which Can't be broken with Tools/Hand,etc
The Only way to destroy it is with Tnt

Next is
Sussy Redstone Ore on break it spawns tnt

Next is Sussy Ancient Debris will on Break spawn a lot of dirt

And next is Endgamerite
On break it kills you since it end you're games :))


Select version for changelog:


-Added Sussy Redstone ore
-Added Sussy ancient debris
-Added Endgamerite
-Ores mine faster with other of my Addons pickaxes lol

And you can get trolled B)


Instal :)

Turn on all Experimental Gameplay Features!

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XD in the installation
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This addon is so sussy
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Make an old ores sub pack for this please
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