Published on March 26, 2023 (Updated on April 26, 2023)

Agriculture's Fantasy [V.2] || A Farmers Dream! || The Sea life update!

Introducing Agricultures Fantasy!

A Minecraft bedrock addon that brings an array of new crops and foods to the game. 

Embark on a journey to cultivate and harvest many fruits, vegetables, and more on your farm. 

Satisfy your hunger with new dishes and experience a whole new level of Food!

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-Added Bass
-Added Devils Hole Pupfish
-Added Rainbow Trout
-Added Sea urchin
-Added Crab
-Added Paedocypris
-Added Squid Meat
-Added new Sushis
-changed spawning of the Farmers House
-Added new Items to the Fishing Loot Table
-Fixed some Recipes
-Fixed some Tool Tips


Supported Minecraft versions

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How to get very wet farmland though?
Hello, creator! This mod looks good, can I get your copyright and translate it on the Chinese post?
If you want to translate, please provide a .lang file for the creator to update, rather than re-posting it in another forum and creating your own link as a download, please respect the work of the creator
now I can be a pro-farmer with this mod
Love the mod! I really like gardening and farming IRL so this really IS my dream! You for sure have to add new plants and pastries!
No legitimate download link.
It’s not downloading on phone
hey friends. One modder is making minecraft legends mod for mc bedrock. He needs good codders, modelers and tuxture artist. He needs help in them.
Here is his discord:
If any one knows modeling, codding or tuxturing he can join his server🙂🙂
Cool Mod! I like the textures alot. also check me out on mcpedl.if u have time