Published on November 14, 2021 (Updated on November 13, 2021)

Apples X


This Addon is an FUN Addon!

this adds more Apples into Minecraft Which have special Ability! Like Obsidian Apples which give many good effects or Tnt apple which Explodes you!

Or even an Gravel Addon which lets Gravel fall on you!

Each are Survival Friendly and can be crafted

Lets beginng:

First These 2 Appls have Uniqe Recipes:

And with that said lets get Started!


First the Dirt Apple:

When eaten you get Hunger and Poison and spawns a Dirt Box

Also it gives half a Hunger point


Next the Gravel and Sand Apple

When eaten they let Gravel or Sand fall on you

Gravel gives Posion and Sand gives Hunger


Now the Ender pearl Apple

When eaten they Give Regen and Teleport you (It fills up 4 and a half hunger points) The Other effects are from the Obsidian Apple


Speaking of the Obsidian Apple that is next!
It takes a while to eat and gives a lot of effects

The The Crying obsidian one is almost the same but gives Night Vision. Some Effects however last longer


And now the Tnt Apple
When eaten it explodes. It does however take really low time to eat

The Soul Sand Apple when eaten Spawns  soul fire and soul sand and it gives fire resistance

Now the Cactus Apple!
When eaten it spawns cactus and you take damage

The Bookshelf Apple spawns Bookshelfs and gives Regen

Last but not least the Cake apple when eaten gives Regen and can be eaten 4 times

This is all!
Again this was a Fun Addon and is not to be taken serious
It was made in less then 20 Min Tbh

Hope you like it!

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uh Chesse moment B)

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